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30 Energy Efficient Sustainable Homes With Large Common House, Connecticut

Connecticut’s First Co-housing Neighborhood Set to Begin Building

Exciting news! Rocky Corner, a multi generational community developed and managed by the people who plan to live there, will begin construction in Bethany this fall and available for occupancy in 2016.

The neighborhood will include 30 energy-efficient, sustainable homes and a large common house with shared facilities. The homes will be clustered in a pedestrian-friendly arrangement, with cars kept to the perimeter. Surrounding the neighborhood will be about 20 acres of farmland that interested residents will use to produce food primarily for the community.  The goals of co-housing are sustainability, cooperation and socialization, which can increase the health and well-being of residents.  Sharing increases efficiency and decreases waste and a strong sense of community combats loneliness and isolation.

Green Haven, Inc., the company formed by future residents of the community to develop Rocky Corner, has received a $2.6 million award from the Connecticut Department of Housing that will enable them to offer 13 of the 30 homes to income-qualified families at affordable prices.  There are still a few market-rate homes available.  Applications to be on the waiting list for an affordable home are also being accepted.

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Marie & Brenda Welcome You!

Marie & Brenda Welcome You!

Information on the application process is available at To learn how to reserve a home, email

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