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I have more pics, I just have to find the file to them. The two below first pic is in the facility where I spent 5 months, the other is from my last surgery to reverse the colostomy bag to normal, thus the smile on my face 🙂

Featured imageFeatured image

Well it’s been three years today April 27, (2012)  that I died in a car accident.  It was late afternoon on a Friday about 5:30 pm. It was a bright and sunny day, spring was in the air. I closed up shop early and had a friend come by for some wine. We had a few drinks and both of us didn’t get much sleep the night before or eat very well that day. I had asked my friend to drive because I wanted to relax with my feet on the dash. I also had no seat belt on. We were on our way to the mountain for a hike after running a few errands, he knotted off at the wheel.   After an hour and a half the Jaws of Life were able to finally get me out of the car. Because Life Star had no where to land, I went by ambulance and somewhere along the way I died for 7 minutes. They brought me back, collapsing my lung during resuscitation, it’s common actually for that to happen. I lost a LOT of blood.  I was given 10 blood transfusions and 3 emergency surgeries. The first was to stop the bleeding, the second was a colostomy bag because I was torn by my rectum to prevent infection and I was so broken there was no way I could use the bathroom, the last was to insert a plate across my pelvic with about six screws and one 6 inch screw going into my left hip sideways meeting the center spine area, but not to my spine. I don’t know the actual other bone it’s connected to, I just know it still hurts from time to time. I had what they call an open book pelvic break, broken collar bone and broke all my ribs and a collapsed lung.

It’s been quit the journey. I’ve learned so much about myself. It is so important to have a love affair with yourself, if you do this you can accomplish ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING!! I don’t want to sit here and go on and on about how horrible it was, I could tell you horror stories of the facility where I stayed for 5 months. You honestly wouldn’t believe it, from the moldy black fuzzy white bananas that I received more than once & moldy ham in my chef salad, the mouse in the hall, no clean pillow cases, the hoyer lift pad that smelled like fish literally and the gnats that I had to fight off while I ate and throughout the day is only to mention a few.

This was the ham I found on my chef salad one day. How did the chef not see that?

Featured image

As I laid there bed ridden completely broken and surrounded by filth in the facility, you can imagine I had lots to think about and many emotions to work through. I knew God had a plan for me. My family closed my business of 16 years and moved me out of my apartment, during the move I lost one of my four cats and anyone who owns a pet can imagine what that is like especially in the condition I was in.

I’ll never forget the day my sister came in to visit me and told me they were closing my shop. I don’t remember having any conversations with the doctors or my family on my condition but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have the conversation. They put me on a lot of drugs, we may have….  I said “What? Why?” I’ll be out of here in a few days.”  She said, “Are you crazy? No you won’t, you will be here for a few months!” I said “What! No!” she said, “Yes Kathy, (my family calls me Kathy) it was really bad!” I said “Months? Noooo…,  I’ll be out of here in a few weeks” I was completely unaware of how serious it really was. I was in a coma for three days, it was when I woke up from the coma that she told me. I had no idea I was even asleep for three days. I woke up in ICU with vibrating attachments on my feet to prevent blog clots and a tube down my throat. No doctor or family member told me my condition that I can remember. I really had no idea, so when she was telling me this I didn’t believe her. I was angry with her for taking control over my business. I felt she had no right. I had just hired two employees and started to offer massage, manicures and pedicures because I specialized in LCN Nails, it’s non toxic and safe for pregnant woman, it comes from a dental company out of Germany.  I had just ran an ad in The ad had only been running for two weeks and I had already sold more that $2000 in services.  I had to refund most everyone their money back then my family had a fund raiser for me and later I sold most the furniture and things like that. I already knew I wouldn’t ever open my shop again. I didn’t even want to. I had been doing nails for 25+ years and running my own shop for 16 years. It was a NON Toxic nail spa, Kathrynz Kreationz, in Middletown, CT.

Featured imageFeatured image

Six months prior to my accident I was looking at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN. I got on their email list and I enjoyed every email I ever got from them. I wanted to attend the school but could not because I was a single parent paying two rents, two lights, two heating bills, supplies ect….. I started a health blog on my website for Kathrynz Kreationz and I made it interactive where people could ask me questions and I could respond. I was having great responses with it. When the accident happened and my family closed my business and moved me out of my apartment I was finally able to afford IIN. As I laid there bed ridden, receiving sponge baths and being drugged with narcotics still waking up in the middle of the night in tears from the burning fire sensations running from my fingers to my elbows, I signed up to study with IIN online. The doctors just kept increasing my meds, they were not getting to the root cause of my pain. I know this now thanks to IIN.  Pain is caused by inflammation, what I did know at the time was to call my friend and have her bring me some of her supplements she sold because I certainly was not getting ANY nutrition from the food they were serving me. How do they expect anyone to heal on that crap.  Sure enough, the burning FIRE sensations in my hands that ran up to my elbows went away in three days because it combated the inflammation.   I was barely able to stay awake to read from all the drugs they had me on and I couldn’t see straight either. My vision was still blurry from the accident. I remember the ambulance having to come to get me to take me to my followup appointments with my doctors because I was bed ridden and when they would wheel me out I would look at the clouds in the sky and the birds in the trees, wondering if I’d ever be able to see them clearly again. It was the only time I was able to see the outside for months. I shared my room with another woman, she had the window on her side, we always had the curtain divider between us so for three months I stared at old ugly flower wall paper. To me that was pure hell because I hiked almost everyday prior the accident. Once I was able to be placed into a wheel chair with the hoyer lift my dad would take me out for walks but for THREE months I had nothing to look at but the walls. For those who do not know me, I went about 15 years without paying for cable by choice so watching TV was not a pleasant option for me. I didn’t even really know what programs existed. I did this because of an experience I had with my daughter when she was only about two and a half years old, she is now 17, you do the math…  This is the time period when the drug commercials first hit the scene.

I will NEVER forget the day I made that choice to not have cable! I had her set up in front of the TV locked in her high chair, I was in the kitchen but able to see her.  She suddenly called me into the room with great excitement and urgency in her voice. I went quickly to see what she wanted.  She was saying “Mommy, mommy I want that” as she was pointing to the TV kicking her feet in excitement.  I looked at the TV and it was a huge purple pill being spun across the entire width of the TV as a family played in the park with their dog in the background.  Now I am sure it was the fun in the park that she was referring to but I immediately recognized the impression the tel-LIE-vision had on her.  I immediately shut it off and canceled the cable the next day. We went years and years without cable, as she got older she asked for it seeing it at her grandparents house and friends houses. A few times I got the service for a few months but then would let it go. Oh how she hated me for that!!

You know, being healthy is not achieved overnight, you don’t wake up and say I’m gonna be healthy, then your healthy.   It’s a choice and it’s a journey and the more you learn the more you apply to your life. It’s a long slow process. It took years and years of gaining knowledge along the way for me to be where I am today in my healthy life style. Because it is a life style, NOT a diet and that is where most people fail. They try to diet instead of making it there life, making it the way they live! So don’t be intimidated by me or any other health guru out there, I/they all started from the same space you are right now, with the curiosity to want to know more. You have to truly be sick & tired of being sick & tired! That’s where I come in. I’ve been there and done that! I am not perfect, I like my English muffins and chocolate.

Back to the point of this blog, let’s get to the point, I’m not writing my book YET!  The point I want to make is I see the blessings in this tragedy, “accident” . Since the closing of my spa I was able to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition online by making monthly payments. The “accident” spun my life in the direction of holistic health full speed instead of the slow pace I was on, but I was on, that’s the point. I wanted it, started it, kept making slow and gradual changes but when my life depended on it, I WENT FOR IT and IIN was the pathway to getting me there! I believe that my experience in that facility was “my purpose” because now I am on a mission to work my way up the latter in the health industry to eventually make serious changes in facilities such as the one I was in. That place should be shut down and serious change needs to take place and it’s gonna take someone who lived through the horrible experience to speak out about it and push for it. So I have short term goals and I have long term goals.

I want to end this blog with my gratitude to my family who supported me throughout my entire life and most importantly during the worst experience of my life!! My mom and dad came to see me not once a day but twice a day for 5 months. In all my stay was 5 months.  Also I want to say thank you again to all my fb friends who sent me telegrams while I was still in ICU. I can’t even find the right words to express the feeling of love and caring from reading your telegrams. I still have them and will always have them, THANK YOU!! I received telegrams from people I didn’t even know. It made me feel special THANK YOU and to my friends Melissa and Shannon for the fundraiser they held for me and special thank you to Geoffrey who cut off his pony tail as part of the fundraiser. Thank you Erin for helping me move back into an apartment after living with my parents for 8 months and for all the ice creme and coffee you brought me 🙂 And THANK YOU Patti for your assistance is getting me to my daughters 8th grade graduation. I wasn’t even supposed to leave the hospital. I was not well enough yet and it took about 45 minutes to get in the car and 45 minutes to get me out of the car each time because I was still so broken I could barely move. I had a very hard time getting in and out of my wheelchair and getting onto the seat far enough to close the door. And a very, very special thanks to my boyfriend for loving me even with a colostomy bag hanging off my belly, for being there all those times I needed someone to talk to. Can you imagine how it feels to have a poop bag hanging off your stomach? I didn’t feel very sexy and wondered if anyone would ever love me. Well I didn’t have to wonder, he loved me, he truly loved me, he loved me when I needed it most! It brings tears to my eyes when I think about that. You have no idea and I can’t find the words to express the feelings I had about myself at that time. THANK YOU!

This is a picture of me at my daughter’s 8th grade graduation with her father.

Featured image

I am now a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach thanks to IIN. They too have blessed me!  When I told them my story and told them I didn’t have a device to listen to my lectures on and couldn’t afford to get one and pay for school, they mailed me a free apple ipod so I could listen to my classes anywhere I was. Wanna know what they asked of me in return?  They asked me to give my word that when I graduate I will offer my program to at least one person for free who really needs my help. How awesome is that?  I get goose bumps when I think of it, I love it!  The knowledge I have learned from IIN has saved my life!  Working closely with my primary care doctor to ween off the Oxycontin narcotics they had me on and the knowledge I learned from IIN,  I was able to have my last surgery to reverse the colostomy bag without narcotic pain meds and I followed my own holistic pain remedies and I follow an anti inflammatory (diet), but as I said earlier, it’s not a diet, it’s how I live!  My area of specialties are Holistic Pain Management, Digestive Health & Preventative Care, with side effects of losing weight. Please visit me at

If you are interested in becoming a Nutrition Coach click the here to experience a free sample class from IIN. So many people have found their way to IIN because of a personal health problem they’ve had. You don’t have to become a Nutrition Coach, get the knowledge for yourself and your family, decide later about practicing, IT’S WORTH IT!  Or just hire me!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Feel free to fill out a health history form on my website for a free consultation.

Warm regards,


tati 8This is me and my daughter the first winter out of the hospital living with my parents. We had to live with them for 8 months after getting out of the hospital. I was still in a wheelchair and in a lot of pain. Then we got our own apartment with state aid and I continued to be in physical therapy for 2 1/2 years. Now I do my own therapy and build my strength at the gym. I still have problems with my lower back and left hip. Still working on making improvements.

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Organic Sulfur, Have You Heard Of It? It’s Time You Have!

Organic Sulfur, have you heard of it? I never had until recently and I think I fell upon it only because I’m a health nut. If you are not a health nut like me, you probably wouldn’t EVER hear of it! This is what I learned, EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!!

Have you heard over and over that our soil is just not the same as it used to be? I have! So what does this mean? It means our food doesn’t have the nutrients it used to have and NEEDS to have. But have you ever stopped to ask WHY?  I’ll tell ya why, and it’s real simple!

It appears that countries using chemical fertilizers have an increase in disease while those that use organically-based fertilizing methods do not. And, it appears, according to the West Coast Organic Sulfur Study, those who regularly take Organic Sulfur (over the long term) become quite healthy and those who don’t, stay sick, or get worse, and prematurely age.  I believe it is one very important missing link to good health!

In 1860, I.G. Farben first produced chemical fertilizers from coal tar. This resulted (1938) in Nelson Rockefeller and Prescott Bush contracting with I.G. Farben to develop and aggressively market ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate as chemical fertilizers. (You know, The Rockefeller’s) This process requires heat and naturally occurring sulfur is one of the most temperature-sensitive of all the elements. When I.G. Farben began its chemical fertilizer production from coal tar and crude oil, temperatures 100 degrees over the vaporization point of sulfur were necessary to produce these chemical fertilizers. Sulfur evaporated in the process. The chemists ignored the elimination of this elemental food. Hmm I wonder why…?

In 1954 chemical fertilizers, which lack bio-available sulfur, were mandated by the government. This appears to have contributed to the decline of our health and mental acuity and our quality of life. Since the mandating of chemical fertilizers all disease rates in the US have gone up approximately 4,000%. We believe when this study has completed its work it will clearly demonstrate the connection between the lack of sulfur (from the use of chemical fertilizers), the inability of body cells to regenerate in a healthy manner, and the related increase in diseases.

The original project, formerly called the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study, was organized by the director of the Body Human Project in 1999. That study was inspired by a fatal type of breast cancer which had been reported to respond to organic sulfur. While researching this cancer it appeared that bio-available sulfur played an important role in the health and regeneration of body cells. That early study led us to believe that the use of chemical fertilizers (which do not contain bio-available sulfur) had effectively broken the environmental sulfur cycle in those countries which use chemical fertilizers.

Diseases we haven’t even heard of have become typical; cancer, auto-immune illnesses, diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, etc., have grown at an unprecedented rate, AN UNACCEPTABLE RATE if ya ask me; and the quality of our food has been greatly diminished. MDs, Ph.D.s,  and other medical professionals, when asked about sulfur, stated as if reading a cue card: “We get all the sulfur we need from the food we eat.” That may have been true until governments decided to change the way we grow our food and legalized the 100% use of chemical fertilizers (which began in earnest in 1954).

If you are trapped in a cage of turmoil and illness,
the door to healing always opens from the inside.

The West Coast Organic Sulfur Study believe most, and possibly all MSM  [[(methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic source of sulfur, a mineral that is vital in the formation of collagen, connective tissue, and healthy joint cartilage]] that is commercially available does not contain more than 34% sulfur, the sulfur it does contain is most likely contaminated with additives, and by observation some MSM products contain no bio-available sulfur at all!! Like the fertilizers that have broken the sulfur cycle, packaging and processing contaminates MSM and blocks its bio-availability to our body cells. For MSM retail products, anti-caking agents are necessary for the production of capsules and pills. These additives, and the pulverizing of the sulfur flakes into powder, seriously interferes with the body’s uptake of the sulfur. So what is the best source you are probably wondering at this point…

Organic Sulfur is a critical bio-available form of sulfur that has been missing from our diet since 1954. Finland was one of several countries that authorized the use of chemical fertilizers in the early 1950s. In the early 1980s, alarmed over the increasing disease rate of its population, and fearing the levels of cadmium, Finland took a hard look at chemical fertilizers and banned all of them. At that time, the US and Finland were at the same per-capita marked disease levels. Finland was not aware of the connection of bio-available sulfur to health, its absence in chemical fertilizers, or the Krebbs cycle (chemical reactions in organisms that are part of the process of aerobic cell metabolism). Since 1985, after banning chemical fertilizers, Finland has become a leading supplier of “bio-friendly” completely organic foods. Their disease rates have dropped to one tenth (10%) of the 1985 levels. Finland’s disease rates continue to slowly drop. North America’s disease rates continue to rise and we continue to use chemical fertilizers.

The West Coast Organic Sulfur Study believes that the absence of Organic Sulfur is the mineral deficiency which may be responsible for the greatest increase in disease in North America. Nutrients remain unavailable, amino acid and cellular function is greatly reduced, healthy gas-balances are not maintained (oxygen-nitrogen-carbon dioxide), and toxins remain embedded in the body’s cells. Healthy body cellular metabolism is the basis for cellular regeneration of all of our cells. Without organic sulfur to enable the intracellular oxygen transfer and maintain the efficacy of amino acids, we begin to degenerate and age long before our biologic clock runs out.

It is important to remember:

West Coast Organic Sulfur is not the yellow dirt from mining.
It is not related to the sulfa drugs that some people are allergic to.
This is not the less effective MSM that is available in retail stores.

The West Coast Organic Sulfur comes as a white flake, precipitated from DMSO. No fillers, anti-caking agents, or preservatives are added. This is a pure, uncontaminated form of methylsulfonylmethane which is “fresh” from the precipitator and has no further processing. This is NOT the organic sulfur (MSM) that is purchased in retail outlets. Only pure organic sulfur is supplied to participants.

Instructions for Use:


The following recommended guidelines were developed from interviews with
the participants of the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project.  Be mindful that organic sulfur has a bitter taste; however, within a month or so the taste becomes a non issue
for most people. Ensure organic sulfur is not taken at the same time as prescription medication, vitamins, or nutraceutical products. These products interfere with organic sulfur. Whenever possible take organic sulfur at least 20 minutes before eating or
taking other pills and supplement.

1 measured teaspoon = 4 – 5 g

The standard amount for a person in reasonably good health is:

  • Metric: 5 – 6 g per 45 kg of body weight, twice a day, about 10 hours apart.
  • US Measurement: 1.5 measured teaspoons per 100 lbs of body weight, twice a day, about
    10 hours apart. i.e: a generally healthy 150 pound person would take 2 teaspoons early morning and the same amount again, in the late afternoon (about 30 minutes before the evening meal).

Too much Organic Sulfur has not been demonstrated to be harmful. Actually, it is evident the body works better with too much rather than too little. Adults, under 125 lbs, take a minimum of 1.5 tsp twice a day, about 10 hours apart. If in doubt, always take a little more
than you think you should. Too much organic sulfur has not been demonstrated.

•height and weight —being over-weight for your height requires that you take more than the standard recommended amount —BMI, which is related to heart-mass pressure;
•general weight –if you are height/weight appropriate, the heavier you
are the more you take (larger mass requires more organic sulfur);
•the illness or health conditions you are trying to address: the more chronic and serious the illness, the more you take; and,
•the amount of stress you cope with (a crucial but subjective evaluation). Stress makes greater demands on your physiology; with more stress take slightly more organic sulfur

There are two options for taking it:

•Put the recommended amount directly into your mouth and quickly swallow it with a few sips of water. Follow this with drinking 10 oz of water. This appears to be the most convenient and effective to get quickly past the taste. (or)

•Dissolve the amount in a large (10 oz) glass of warm or room temperature water and drink it. This appears to be the most disagreeable because of the exposure to its bitter taste.

[if a microwave is used to warm the water do not add the sulfur until after the water is
heated. Microwaves use temperatures above 400 F and organic sulfur vaporizes at 270 F]

Healing Crises

Assume for the moment that your body cells, blood cells, blood capillaries, skin cells, cellular oxygen/nutrient transfer, and peptide and amino acid manufacture, aren’t working well. Calcium buildup, plaque, etc., are broken down by organic sulfur, arteries and capillaries soften, blood pressure changes (stabilizes), brain fog dissipates, pain is reduced, free radicals are neutralized, and detoxing/cellular repair begins. In the beginning, all of this will sometimes precipitate an achy flu like series of sensations or a few mild headaches a temporary healing or detox “crisis”.

This is not like the side effects of prescription medication. There are no side effects from organic sulfur. Any healing crisis indicates your body adjusting, in a healing way, to the sudden availability of oxygen and nutrients to your body cells. This sudden change is a shock to your body and the positive shift upsets your biology. These will disappear as your body acclimatizes and stabilizes itself. Any minor healing crisis is evidence that your body is adjusting and healing.

Acclimatization Process

In all but rare situations, everyone should acclimatize when beginning to take organic sulfur. If you are particularly sensitive to foods, have many allergies, or environmental illness and toxic reactions, when beginning to take organic sulfur it is very important that you begin at a low amount and gradually increase to the recommended amount. In a few situations, the gradual increase can take up to 2 months, although it is usually 3 to 4 weeks. At the beginning we recommend this acclimatization process for a reasonably healthy person 130–160 pounds
•Take ½ teaspoon of organic sulfur once a day in the early morning for 4 days, then
•Increase to ½ teaspoon twice a day (early AM and about 9 hours later for 4
days, then
•Increase to 1 teaspoon twice a day (same times) for 4 days; then
•If there are no flu-like symptoms that indicate a healing crisis, go to the recommended amount for your weight and health issues.
If mild upset is experienced at any level go back to the previous, smaller amount for an extra week. Give your body time to adjust. If there are no flu-detoxification symptoms you can increase more rapidly. You be the judge and use common sense. Healing crises are resolved with a very gradual increase in the amount taken. Be patient and persevere.
Our bodies, like the tides and the seasons, work in a gently rhythm. Try and relax into this protocol. Don’t become fanatic about it and try and avoid erratic taking of organic sulfur, which may set up an unhealthy feast-or famine cellular reaction. Ensure the recommended amount is being consumed reasonably regularly and consistently, at least twice a day.
Generalization: For a reasonably healthy adult (20 to 65 years), of about 120–140 pounds
(56–63 KG), between 5’ 4” and 5’ 8” tall (160 cm to 170 cm), with a low to moderate active life, the recommended amount after acclimatization would be 2 teaspoons (2 tsp = about 10 g) twice a day.


House pets and animals benefit greatly from organic sulfur. It can be sprinkled on their food or dissolve the organic sulfur in their water. Note that for house pets, taking organic sulfur usually will make bowel movements more frequent. As with people, the recommended amounts for pets vary greatly.

Packaging, Storage & Shelf Life

Bulk: Our product is sold in vacuum -packed 454 g(1-pound) packages. This maintains its non-contaminated purity. It has a declared shelf life of five years. Recent tests of “old product”, stored in bulk, vacuum packages, demonstrated it was effective after 10 years of dry, sealed storage. For daily use, store it in a clean glass jar on the counter. The vacuum-sealed packages don’t require special storage. ‘In a cupboard’ is good enough.
Consuming it at the rate of 1½-2 teaspoons twice a day, 1 pound (454 g) will last about 30 days, and one tablespoon twice a day will last about 24 days. Over time, it may clump up (which is natural), just break it apart into flakes when consuming it.


Maintaining proper hydration with non-chlorine,non-fluoride, non-calcium water is very important. A person should consume about 1 liter (33 oz) of clear, pure water per 23 kg (50 lbs) of body weight per day. For example, a person who weighs 150 lbs should drink approximately 2½— 3 liters of clear, plain water a day. [Coffee, tea, beer, wine, liquor, juice, soda pop, do not qualify as ‘water’.]
Catalyst Altered Water solution with a high, stable pH (10.6) is recommended.
CAW has a molecular makeup that is similar to cellular cytoplasm, which has
wide ranging benefits related to heart mass pressure and healing.


No other element including oxygen has more of an ability to combine with other elements than sulfur due to its molecular structure. All the metals except gold and platinum combine with sulfur to form inorganic sulfides. Sulfur combines with Aluminum to form Aluminum Sulfate, it combines with Barium to form Barium Sulfate, and it combines with Strontium to form Strontium Sulfate. None of these compounds can stay in the body, they are safely removed, and so is mercury!

None of the people on the Live Blood Study who are taking organic sulfur who have had blood work done have ever had any problem with heavy metal toxicity!

UN Agenda 21 is a blueprint for population control. The elite have triggered a quantum increase in the incidence of cancer and every kind of degenerative disease by breaking the sulfur cycle in the early 1950s. Now they’re spraying us with toxic levels of heavy metals. They have found a way to reduce sperm counts, to lessen the amount of oxygen getting to our cells, and to decrease our access to essential nutrients.

Sulfur is an inexpensive FOOD, and we can use it to get off every kind of Rx drug we’re being pumped full of!

Also, cancer is a FUNGUS and can be cured NATURALLY! Salvestrols are the natural defense system in fruit and vegetables against fungal attacks and that’s why you only find them in those species subject to fungus damage, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackcurrants, redcurrants, blackberries, cranberries, apples, pears, green vegetables (especially broccoli and the cabbage family), artichokes, red and yellow peppers, avocados, watercress, asparagus and aubergines.

Again, Big Pharma/Big Biotech Cartels know all this and they have done two major things to undermine this natural defense from the fungal attack that is cancer.

Cancer cells have a unique ‘biomarker’ that normal cells do not, an enzyme called CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-bee-one). Enzymes are proteins that ‘catalyze’ (increase the rate of) chemical reactions.

The CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of something called salvestrols that are found naturally in many fruit and vegetables. This chemical change turns the salvestrols into an agent that kills cancer cells, but does no harm to healthy cells.

The synchronicity is perfect. The CYP1B1 enzyme appears only in cancer cells and it reacts with salvestrols in fruit and vegetables to create a chemical substance that kills only cancer cells.

  1. The chemical fungicide sprays used in modern farming kill fungus artificially and this means the plants and crops do not have to trigger their own defense – salvestrols. You only find them in any amount today in organically grown food

  2. The most widely-used fungicides are very powerful blockers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically-produced food it wouldn’t matter how many salvestrols you consumed they would not be activated into the cancer-destroying agent they are designed to be

This is not by accident, but by calculated design, as were, and are, the attempts by the establishment to destroy Dr. Tullio Simoncini work, he is the doctor to discover that cancer is a fungus. 

The families [Rockefeller’s] want people to die of cancer, not be cured of it. They are mentally and emotionally as sick as you can imagine and see humans as sheep and cattle.

They don’t care how much distress, suffering and death their manipulation and suppression will cause – the more the better from their insane perspective. And that is what these people are… insane.

Resource: The West Coast Organic Sulfur Project &
Dr. Tullio Simoncini
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Safest, Most Natural, Artificial Nails!

Welcome!  You are about to learn why LCN, Light Concept Nails, is the safest and most natural artificial nail product on the market today and has been for over 30 years already! Personally, NOTHING can compare EVER! This product comes from a dental company and is patented, CAN NOT get any better than that! As a nail tech, I refuse to use anything else. Not only is it better for the client and more natural looking, its better for the nail tech and easier to work with, MUCH easier to file AND SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN! There are NO REFILL LINES left behind so your not forced to have to paint your nails. My clients have traveled from all corners of CT to see me and outlining states such as MASS, NY, NJ, Long Island and RI.



Background Of Light Concept Nails

For many years America has been satisfied with current artificial nail products, but a quick look at Europe would reveal a completely different story, and a market dominated by light-cured products with an environmentally safe and health conscious attitude.

Light Concept Nails, developed in Germany by Wilde Cosmetics in conjunction with the University of Hamburg, is the leading light system in Europe. Based on their experience in the dental industry, Wilde became the first manufacturer of light-cured acrylester resins (plastic resins) in 1985, and it is because of its enviable position of having its own factory and laboratory facilities, that Wilde can continually produce the best nail products available anywhere in the world.

Acrylesters, cured by harmless ultra violet A light (our bulbs emit no harmful B and C particles) are superior for the following reasons.

  1.  They do not use primers. Primers, which can be as high as 90% acid, penetrates the body by eating through the nail plate. The result of this, in the short-term, is an extremely soft nail, in the long-term, continual exposure to primers can permanently damage the nail matrix. The Bonder of our three component system contains no methacrylic acid, and bonds to the SURFACE of the nail, NOT through it!
  2. It may be of interest to know that in the dermatology department of Hamburg University, our materials are actually used to protect healthy nails from infections, since acrylesters are non-porous and neither fungus, mold, bacteria, or even moisture can penetrate it. (thus why its great for nurses and school teachers who are consistantly washing their hands) it won’t break down in water!
  3. Acrylesters are far more flexible materials and therefore tend to be less prone to lifting and breakage.  This is because the nail plate is essentially a very flexible surface, and so a product that can bend with the nail plate, either as it grows out or when it absorbs impact, will be far more durable than a product that is by nature brittle! ( ex: picture a wooden ruler compared to a plastic ruler, which is more durable?)
  4. With our fiberglass system, we do not use potentially harmful activator sprays, we have developed a light cured resin that can be absorbed into fiberglass.  All glues breakdown in water over time, causing lifting. we are not a glue based wrap system; therefore we are water-soluble.
  5. There are no obnoxious odors that overpower the room.  Light Concept Nail products emit NO toxic vapors which ensures your health.  I’ve noticed that now they have odorless products on the market but they are still toxic. LCN is odorless and non toxic!
  6. Light Concept Nails do not yellow, The product is 100% cured after each two-minute cure time. Therefore; you can resume normal active schedule immediately following application!

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Advantages of Light Concepts Nails

No Yellowing!

Light Concept Nails light cured products don’t yellow thus allowing you the option of wearing polish or not. LCN products offer a healthy and natural looking appearance.

No Odor!

No aggressive primers containing acid.  All Light Concept Nail products are non-toxic and non-damaging which provides for a healthy natural nail.

Less Maintenance, Non Lifting

With proper application of Light Concept Nail products there is NO lifting, reducing your refill time considerably. Lights Concept Nails are flexible and less prone to cracking. They also will not break down in water or chemicals, even acetone! (perfect for nurses and teachers)

Refills Every 3-4 Weeks

Due to the fact that Light Concept Nails light cured products are durable and non-lifting when applied properly, you can go 3-4 weeks between fills. (once a month)

Non Porous! 

Risk of developing a mold or fungus between the natural nail is eliminated due to the non porous nature of the product.

No Refill lines!

How to Remove Light Concept Nails 

Nails are removed by buffing; no soaking in aggressive chemicals during the removal process is required.

Light Unit – UVA Only!

Only UVA rays, no UVB or UVC rays which can cause skin irritation.  No 24 hour cure time~ other products may be chemically active for up to 24 hours, thus causing improper set-up and curing.  Light Concept Nails are fully cured once the application process is completed!

Pregnancy & Light Concept Nails

The teratogenicity of light-cured fingernail resins presents a risk during pregnancy, i.e. whether or not they could harm the fetus (i.e. whether they are teratogenic), can not be determined within 100% accuracy.  The reason for this is simply that the relevant animal test do not exist.

However, the following can be confirmed:

LCN light curing resins do not contain any substance which have been shown to have a teratogenic effect, or which have been suspected of having such and effect.  All individual ingredients used in LCN products have been used for more that a decade in dental materials which have been placed permanently in the mouth for many years including during pregnancy.  Based on extensive experience in this area, there is no known teratogenic effect.

It can be said with great certain, both for the customer and the Nail Specialist that there is no danger during pregnancy.  This is especially true since the products cannot enter the body thereby causing the teratogenic effect.

If due to nail-biting, a small amount of polymerized material is ingested, the extremely small level of leftover monomers removed in the digestive system should be mentioned that the teratogenic effects significantly dependent on dose.  The maximum doses for the products discussed here are most likely irrelevant as well.

Since LCN light curing resins also do not contain any solvents or voluble substances, inhalation does not present any danger either.


According to the above ~ mentioned information, it can be said with the highest degree of possibility that light curing fingernail resins do not pose any teratogenic risks.

My name is Kathryn Mancarella and I’ve been in the cosmetology field for 29 years and I’m considered a specialist in LCN with 20 years experience using strictly LCN products. Prior to LCN I used acrylic and when I discovered LCN I swore I’d never go back and I haven’t, there is no reason to. LCN gives a natural high shine finish with no refill lines. My clients don’t even WANT TO paint their nails when I’m done with them! Its the best looking product out there (when applied correctly, very important) and the healthiest!

Also, I do not use nail tips. Nail tips are one size fits all and glue breaks down in water! I will sculpt each and every nail for a perfect fit to each finger using a soft white gel for the free edge (nail tip) and a clear gel over the entire nail plate, then shape and seal with a high shine finish of clear, pink or opake for a real natural look. Options for a more whiter tip, such as a french look are available too! Message me for your appointment or for my number to discuss any questions you have.


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Women’s Health… Why You Want To Work With Me!

raising a family wordpress

Women’s Health


  • Raising children, often single-handedly, while working a full-time job and maintaining a household may lead to exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. Eating well, relaxing and sleeping, making time for relationships, play, and self-expression are commonly left behind. The physical, mental, and emotional systems of the body are taxed, leading to health problems such as asthma, allergies, anemia, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, bladder and urinary tract infections, bone loss, candida and yeast infections, constipation, depression, digestive distress, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, fibroids, hypoglycemia, immune system disorders, menstrual problems, mood swings, obesity, PMS, etc…I can go on and on!


  • Traditionally, women have not been taught to set good boundaries or to take proper care of themselves. Moment to moment, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, they are asked to lend their wisdom, skill, creative energy, and good cheer to support the growth and success of their employers, husbands, lovers, children, and communities while their own needs are put on hold. Like the Great Mother (Earth), they have been assumed to have infinite resources. And because they love life and love people, they have dug deeply to provide for them. But sooner or later, one by one, women are discovering that in order to continue to enjoy life with those they love, they have to learn to make more careful choices to nourish and sustain themselves!

Importance of Food

  • Because the effects of our food choices are powerful and far-reaching, what we eat is a good place to begin to care for ourselves. The kitchen can become a place of empowerment rather than enslavement for women, especially when they cook and eat the food that supports their well-being and clarity of thought. Our culture, however, contains very little information to support this. Most of our knowledge about food is based on the USDA healthy eating plate, which is biased, inaccurate, and incomplete.


Working with me you will learn sustainable lifestyle changes, preventative care for long term health, and what you can do NOW to heal yourself that you can use throughout your lifetime!

We will discuss:

  1. What are some problems with the USDA healthy eating plate?
  2. Review the Integrative Nutrition food pyramid.
  3. What is better about whole foods?
  4. We will discuss learning to cook with whole foods.
  5. I will explain IIN’s theory on Primary Foods and why it is essential nourishment.
  6. I’ve discovered that we all know lots of things we could do to take better care of ourselves, but we don’t do them. I’m sure you can think of a few….
  7. The key to success is having support.

I strongly encourage you to connect with me TODAY to schedule a free health history consultation. This consultation will provide a feel for both of us to know that working together is right for you.

Please send your request to  Subject line: Women’s Health History Request.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to good health!  is currently under reconstruction.

I got my education from IIN, the largest nutrition school in the world! Click here> free nutrition class to learn more what IIN has to offer, be sure to connect with me and I will share with you my personal story on how IIN has been a blessing to me in my personal health journey and if you have ever considered becoming a health coach yourself, connect with me to learn how I can provide you with a discount on tuition for IIN as an ambassador and graduate of IIN! Email me at ~like me




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Etymology of pHARMacy!

Greetings… I am creating this post to awaken you to the importance of knowing the origins of words and their meanings. This post just scratches the surface….  there is so much to learn here and if you’ve been following my blogs or posts on social media, then you’d know what I am talking about.

pharmacy (n.) late 14c., “a medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning,

From pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer”

From pharmakon“drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment.”

parmaco- word-forming element meaning “drug, medicine,” also “poison,” from Latinized form of Greek pharmako-, comb. form of pharmakon “drug, poison” (see pharmacy).

pharmaceutical (adj.) 1640s (pharmaceutic in the same sense is from 1540s), from Late Latin pharmaceuticus “of drugs,” from Greek pharmakeutikos, from pharmakeus“preparer of drugs, poisoner” (see pharmacy). Related: Pharmaceuticalspharmaceutically.

pharmakós (Greek: φαρμακός) in Ancient Greek #religion was the RITUALISTIC #SACRIFICE OR EXILE OF A HUMAN SCAPEGOAT OR VICTIM.

Why is it that we do not think there is any harm in walking into a pHARMacy to get drive through service vaccines there. We willingly without a second thought, roll up our sleeves and allow an injection of chemicals straight into our bloodstream!  It’s time to start questioning EVERYTHING!!! Stop allowing tel-LIE-vision PROGRAMS to raise our children and shape our lives!

The best way to predict the future is to create it! Right? So what do you think this is happening when they tell us that 1 of 3 children by 2020 will have Autism?  This is far beyond pHARMaceuticals…  vaccines play a HUGE roll in this with high levels of heavy metals in them like aluminum and mercury along with the spraying of nano-chemicals (Nanochemicals are chemicals generated by using nanomaterials, materials which have size on nanometer dimensions. The nanochemicals are used in a variety of applications, including chemical warfare, bicycle manufacturing, armor design and military weapons . Nanomaterials: a material having particles or constituents of nanoscale dimensions (that absorb very easily in the skin), or one that is produced by nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology: the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.) in the sky and the toxins in our food and fluoride in our water supply. Fluoride in our water supply? I did not consent to this… this should be regarded as a criminal act!

I have so much more to say on these topics but I will do that later, I just want to get this out for now…

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A Small Miracle!

I experienced another miracle on Saturday ! I was visiting a friend and we had gone for a walk. She went inside to use the bathroom as I waited by the car, we were getting ready to head out to eat. I had my hair pinned up with a butterfly clip. I took the clip out to shake my hair out, so, I took my ring off too because it pulls my hair and placed in on top of my car right on the corner of the where the window meets the roof of a Chevy Malibu 2005, on the top roof.

So, I was shaking my hair out and airing my car out waiting for Noella G. to come back so I had forgotten about the ring on the roof,  and I had the trunk popped open to air out the car, it’s a hatchback. She came, I threw my hair up, jumped in the car and we left.

We drove about 15 miles through the mountains, lots of windy roads. We arrive at my FAVORITE place to eat. We had an amazingly delicious  meal. Leaving very satisfied and relaxed I realize then that I wasn’t wearing one of my favorite rings. My heart sank for a moment then I realized my attachment to the ring and I said to myself. …”it’s just a ring, you can make one, been wanting to just haven’t yet. Maybe this is why I lost it. .. so now it’s time to make that ring that’s been on your mind. … oh well”, I accepted that it was gone but had complete faith that it had to have fallen in the parking lot of Noella’s place for sure when I took that turn to get out of the parking lot, but if it wasn’t, I would be ok with that.

Her and I had a wonderful dinner and we had lots to talk about. I was just sharing with Noella at dinner on how I met my jewelry teacher, how I manifested that. I’ll tell you quickly before I tell you the ending of the ring.

I HAD (past tense) psoriasis, an autoimmune disease (I healed myself holistically). I had it for about three years. It was annoying, embarrassing and uncomfortable, I couldn’t figure out why I had this disease when I was eating 100% organic.  I knew that going to the Dermatologists wasn’t going to heal me either but I made an appointment as part of an experiment I was doing. I wanted to prove that the dermatologists was not going to give me any nutritional information to heal myself, they were going to give me a prescription for a topical cream and that would be it.  The dermatology office that I normally visit was booked, they offered me an appointment in their Canton office. I hesitated because of the distance to that location then said ok, I’ll take it. My first thought was aw man that’s far… but instantly said to myself, you’ll enjoy the drive.

So on the morning of my appointment I had a conversation with God. I said, “ya know God… I know better than to question WHY I must go out of my way today to go to this appointment.”  I said, “I am kind of excited, what do you have for me today? Am I going to meet my husband today?“  This was the excitement I had, I FELT IT! I FELT THE EXCITEMENT OF SOMETHING SPECTACULAR WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. I didn’t know what it was, I JUST KNEW, I JUST KNEW.  I said to God, “I feel like a kid at Christmas or in the candy store, what am I going to find today, who am I going to meet?”

So I head out and oh what a spectacular drive it was… Canton is in the mountains and I love the outdoors, trails and mountains… and I was right… the dermatologist had absolutely NO NUTRITIONAL information or advice for me to heal internally to SOLVE the problem, in fact she told me there WAS NOTHING I CAN DO, they just gave me a prescription for some topical crème that would only stop the itching if I was lucky (that I did NOT use).  I had my phone on voice record too. I repeatedly asked her, “so there is nothing I can do nutritionally that would help? This doesn’t make sense to me, there has to be SOMETHING I can do?” she kept saying “no, no there is nothing you can do, just use this crème,” she couldn’t wait to get me out of there, she kept making her way to the door as if the appointment was over as I’m asking her questions, she is trying to get away from me to get me a brochure and send me on my way.   So I left frustrated but not really, because I already knew that was going to happen and I got what I wanted. I got her on tape.

So now I head out to my car and I put in my home address in MapQuest and I say to myself, now I will drive extra slow so I can read the signs and see the shops, take my time, why did I have to come out this way for this, what am I going to discover today? I had the rest of the entire day to do whatever I wanted to do… “what did God have in store for me, why did I have to go to Canton for this appointment today, ok lets go!” So I jump in my car and I start to drive. Then I come to the Main Street of this quant little town, wait, this is not the same direction my MapQuest took to get me here, but ok, this is cool.

So, I come to the intersection and as I am taking the left turn I am reading the sign out loud in front of me on the building that looked like a business but looked like a house,  as I am turning and it says CT School Of Jewelry Art.  I took a deep breath and said “oooooo what is that, CT School Of Jewelry Art???? I never heard of that, what is that?” I whipped the car around, lol did a U turn and went inside.  I was instantly excited. I’ve been making jewelry for 20 years and I have always wanted to learn how to set a stone in silver (it’s called bezel a stone). I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry school this was, I already know how to make jewelry, would this benefit me?

So I walked into the gallery and it was pretty empty, only a few earrings Emilie earrings from gallery hanging and some art throughout but not much jewelry at all. I thought it was strange (found out later it was empty because she was on the road all summer selling her jewelry at shows across the country) and I could hear some voices behind the wall, on the other side of the door. There was laughing and talking, sounded like a gathering/party everyone was having a good time. The bells jingled as I opened the door but no one seemed to hear me enter. So I stood there patiently taking a closer look at the earrings hanging, I see they are made of metal so now I begin to wonder if this was done with metalsmithing in jewelry making or did she just buy the pieces and put them together… I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to work with metal and learn metalsmithing in jewelry making.

So I realize now that no one heard me come in, they are having too much fun… so I knock on the door. The door opens, there is a tiny woman standing before me and behind her I can see the studio

with ALL the tools, my mouth fell to the floor and it was like a cartoon scene …. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………  lol I was in a daze, nothing existed around me at that moment, there was no one in the room (there was but I was in aw) all I could see was things to play with to make jewelry, then the door behind her shut and I snapped out of it. She chuckled at me, (I think she noticed my expression) and says emilie with student final crop “Can I help you?”

I started talking a mile a minute asking her a million questions giving her no time to answer any of  them… if she made the earrings and if she worked with metal and if she needed any help, telling her I’ve always wanted to work with metal my entire life,  I rambled off a million things I could do for her if she would teach me, I offered to clean and work for free then there was a simple paper brochure and I told her I can make website, business cards, post cards, any print materials to market her business blah blah blah, it was then she puts her hand up like STOP right there, lol You got me she says. I need help with my website, can you be here tomorrow at 7pm. ? I said yes! She said ok good, Jewelry one class starts tomorrow.

I SKIPPED OUT OF THERE SO HAPPY! I COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Class starts tomorrow and she hasn’t seen any of my work yet. This is amazing! What was the chances that Jewelry one class was starting the very next day and she was letting me start class first before doing any work with her yet! But that’s not all, I get to class and I have no idea how long this class is. An hour goes by and everyone is still working, no one is starting to pack up so I keep going. Then time is going by, time’s going by, I’m looking at the clock not because I want to leave but because I have no idea when this class ends and I notice the energy, no one is cleaning like class is about to end… so now another hour goes by and they are still working, class started at 7, its now well after 9 and we are still working…. So I finally ask what time is this class over? It ended at 10. I couldn’t believe it, a three-hour class HOW FUN! I was expecting it to be an hour. I was so excited, so every week there was a three-hour class. We all made rings , setting a stone in silver and then we all made pendants, over the next 8 weeks! This is my first pendant and my first stone I bezeled and ring I made  CT MY PENDANT close up finished.jpg CT MY PENDANT four square collage my first ring

So I was just at dinner sharing that fabulous story with Noella when I realized that my ring was gone because I left it on top of the car waiting for her fixing my hair.  So I said to her, “well I know I will find it, it’s got to be there and if it’s not then oh well, someone will enjoy it and I’ll just make one, been wanting to make one, but watch this Noella I’m gonna find it.” As we are driving back to her house ANOTHER 15 MILES  TO GET BACK TO HER HOUSE, now that is 30 miles we just drove, there and back. As we are getting closer to her house I say out loud in the car, ok mom, can you please have my ring safe for me when I get back, thank you! Thank you, God, and thank you all my angels who watch over me, thank you.

Now mind you, when we walked back to the car after dinner, I pointed out to Noella where on the car it was when we drove off.  Now we head home. We pull into the lot, I don’t pull into the spot right away, instead I leave the lights on shinning in the area so we can see.  Have you ever put your eyeglasses on the dash then take off and they fly across the dash onto the floor? I thought for sure this is what happened with the ring on the roof of the car.  I get out of the car thinking it’s gotta be there and I walk over and I search the ground, finding nothing I walk back to the car telling Noella, let’s drive slow around the circle, it probably flew off going around the circle exiting the lot we’ll have a NO problem spotting it, it should shine in the light.  Just as I say it should shine in the light, I see my ring skinning in the light on the roof of my car right where I left it. RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT!  WE JUST DROVE 30 MILES THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS ON WINDY ROADS WITH SPEEDS OF UP TO 40-45 AT TIMES EVEN 50-55 COASTING DOWNHILL!

There is NO WAY THAT RING WAS THERE THE ENTIRE TIME! IT WASN’T BECAUSE I POINTED OUT TO NOELLA when we were leaving the restaurant before heading back to her house to find it. IT WAS A MIRACLE! WE HAD EXPERIENCED A MIRACLE.

I know that was kind of a long story but oh what a story…. I LOVE IT!  I have direct conversations with God and my angels and they SHOW ME!  THEY SHOW ME!! WOW! ❤

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD – formerly known as FUS).

This picture was from 2009. His name is Isaiah, it was 8 yrs ago. I am delighted to still have him ❤ He loves a pillow & doesn’t mind a blanket, we tuck him in all the time. When I was in the hospital from a car accident 5 years ago Isaiah was being cared for by a friend. I had my family drop food off to my friend daily and I didn’t know that my family brought different bags every time. I’ve had cats my entire life and never have they had health problems but I kept them on the same food always (was traditional commercial food) and I only had them vaccinated for rabies but not my indoor cats that I got years later, they have had no shots.
Turns out one day Isaiah was clearly in great pain (he and my other three are all indoor cats) and was brought to the emergency hospital for animals. He had to have emergency surgery because his urine crystallized and he was unable to pee. The doctor said if he wasn’t brought in, when he was brought in, he could have died a painful death from his bladder exploding, he was howling like never before sounds coming from him in pain.
I asked the doctors what would cause this and they had NO answers for me. They said that it was just something that happens sometimes and recommended their cat food.
I was livid that they COULDN’T even give me an IDEA ?????????????
So you know what I did…, lol. I did my own research. I found that the cause of struvite crystals in cats may be the cause of too much magnesium and dry commercial pet foods. Due to the lack of moisture in the diet, the urine becomes too concentrated and alkaline. A diet of ONLY traditional dry commercially bought food is dangerous and unhealthy for your pet but it’s all I EVER fed them so I took a closer look at the food. **Dry Pet Food was designed in the 1970s for owner convenience and NOT tailored for proper pet nutrition. My cats are and always have been on a dry diet and it wasn’t until their food was being changed weekly that Isaiah had problems. So there are a lot of factors to consider.
It has been a common practice for manufacturers to add ash and magnesium to commercial cat foods.


Ash in cat food is the inorganic mineral content left over when the organic portion of the food has been burned off. The mineral content can be any combination of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, silicon, sulfur and other trace minerals.

Ash is measured by heating a food to 550 to 600 degrees – the inorganic residue is the “ash content”.

Confusion about ash content in pet foods developed as veterinarians and cat guardians were looking for the cause of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD – formerly known as FUS). In the 70’s & 80’s veterinarians thought ash was a factor in causing crystals in the urine. There are, however, a variety of causes and ash is no longer considered a factor in causing FLUTD. Further research has shown that the main problem was the formulation of commercial pet foods: most pet foods were creating a more alkaline urine (higher pH) which lead to an increase in struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) crystals. Dry kibble diets are mainly formulated with a high vegetable and grain content which creates a more alkaline urine. An all meat diet such as a cat would eat in nature creates a more acidic urine.

“A high protein diet is the best way to maintain a low urinary pH naturally. Cats eating canned diets have fewer problems with FLUTD than those eating primarily dry kibble diets”

“Animal protein is hugely important to our pets throughout their entire lives. High quality protein from actual meat sources contains important amino acids that your pets need to thrive.”

When choosing a healthy, high protein diet for your pet, avoid any bags that feature corn or soy as a prominent ingredient (or better yet, avoid them all together). You want named meat meals (like chicken meal, venison, salmon, ocean fish or lamb meal) or quality meat as the primary protein source. This is a sure proof way to make sure your pets are eating the diet nature intended.


Magnesium content in foods has also been implicated in contributing to FLUTD. Magnesium content, however, is most likely a minor contributor compared to the influence of urine pH. Studies have shown that supplementing the diet with magnesium chloride did not cause urinary crystals to form in the urine as long as an acidic urine was maintained. Further studies have shown that if the urine is at a higher pH of 7.5 or more, struvite crystals will occur even if the diet is low in magnesium.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in the diet of cats and dogs for a variety of functions including energy production, proper muscle function, heart health, bone growth and dental health among others. Rather than the specific magnesium content of a food guardians would be better served by looking for the proper ratio of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium in the diet which should be approximately Ca-1.3:P-1:Mg-.06. A deficiency of any essential mineral in an animal’s diet will eventually lead to mineral imbalance and disease.

Pet food manufacturers developed low ash and/or low magnesium foods in response to the theories that ash or magnesium were the cause of struvite crystals. When it was apparent that urine pH, and not ash or magnesium was the problem, they began to add Ammonium Chloride to their cat foods to acidify the diet. This practice, however, does not necessarily solve the problem since continued use of Ammonium Chloride can lead to a condition called chronic acidosis, which leads to mobilization of Calcium from the cat’s bones. The combination of chemically induced acidosis, calcium loss from the bones leading to increased calcium in the blood & urine, along with a reduced level of magnesium in the diet leads to the formation of oxalate stones. Oxalate stones have now become an increasingly common side effect of treatment for struvite crystals.


High plant protein diets are hard on your pet’s organs; high animal protein diets aren’t only healthy for your aging pets, but essential. Poor quality, mass produced pet foods are packed with protein from soy and corn. Unfortunately, your dog and cat are unable to properly digest and assimilate these sources of protein. It lets the food manufacturer boost the protein content of the food without actually offering your pet any substantial protein they can actually use. High plant protein diets can put added strain on your pets because their bodies aren’t designed to process those ingredients. As they try to assimilate protein from these sources, their organs need to start working overtime.

And this is where disease sets in. Have you ever asked yourself why are the statistics of disease in animals the highest it’s ever been? THINK ABOUT IT! This may be hard for you to swallow and I considered not even mentioning this what I am about to say in this blog but I can’t just stay silent. THEY NOT ONLY PUT POISONS/CHEMICALS/& GMO’s IN HUMAN FOODS, THEY PUT POISONS/CHEMICALS/& GMO’s IN ANIMAL FOODS and they stripped the soil it grows in. Sickness is BIG BUSINESS! Then they push UNNECESSARY vaccines for animals too.  WHY DOES AN INDOOR CAT NEED A RABIES VACCINE?

(those vaccine links in blue above, I realize they talk about people, but it’s the same with our animals)

Rabies is most often transmitted through a bite from an infected animal. Less frequently, it can be passed on when the saliva of an infected animal enters another animal’s body through mucous membranes or an open, fresh wound. The risk for contracting rabies runs highest if your cat is exposed to wild animals. 

How can you force me to give my animal a rabies vaccine if my animal NEVER steps foot outside and I simple do not agree? NO, I DO NOT CONSENT!! These are my babies.

Now that I have educated you a little… let me tell you something else the doctor said, the doctor said “Now that Isaiah has had this happen to him, he will be prone now for the REST OF HIS LIVE to having it happen again the best advice I can give you is to have him on __blah, blah____.” (which was a cat food in their office for urinary tract infections but couldn’t really tell me why it was special expect that it was designed for urinary tract) and he said it still wouldn’t guarantee it won’t happen again.  So you know what I did?

After all my research I put my cat’s on a grain free diet high quality food, but not all grain free brands are good, and I moved their water away from their food bowl because I read that cat’s will drink more water if it is not right next to their food because in nature their food and water are not conveniently right next to each other, they have to look/hunt for it and I did notice that they were drinking more when I moved it.

So the point of this blog is I encourage you to do your own research and question everything. Doctors are needed for emergency purposes but NOT useful for LONG TERM care, whether its for you or your animals.  Trust your instincts, do your research and consult with holistic doctors or veterinarians and even a step up from a holistic doctor are what’s called functional doctors.

Do you love nutrition like me? Have you ever considered turning your love for nutrition into a career? Become a health coach with IIN the largest nutrition school in the world. Thanks to IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was able to have my last surgery, as a result of a car accident without pain meds. I followed my own holistic pain management. My last surgery was a year after the accident to reverse the colostomy bag.

After my grandmother died from negligence of the ER and her doctors, I knew then I had to learn more.  I needed to learn about food and how it works in the body. I started to study nutrition on my own and I started an interactive health blog on my business website that was doing very well and I had been looking at IIN for months already when the accident happened. So when I ended up in the hospital from the car accident, I knew I needed to sign up for IIN because I already loved every single email I got from them and I knew I couldn’t trust the doctors to make the best decisions for my health. I couldn’t trust my life in the hands of strangers with no vested interest in me.  I signed up to study with IIN while I lay bedridden in the hospital then my cat ended up in the ER a few months after.

I’ve had my cats about 10 years now, they are my babies, my family and if I hadn’t done my research I could have potentially lost Isaiah or been knee high in vet bills trying to keep him alive.  I wish I knew then, 10 years ago, what I know now, I would have had them on a raw diet. It’s not good to change their diet too much, it gives them diarrhea.

Personally, I use the green bag of Taste of the Wild brand, grain free with Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon. One time though I forgot which bag by Taste of the Wild, the green or the brown which has more fish and even though they were the same brand my cats still had diarrhea from the change.  But since I made the mistake I just kept them on the brown bag because it’s such a big bag that they adjusted to it. Until one day in a rush grabbed once again the wrong bag and sure enough they had diarrhea again.

So now I will never forget we use the green bag. lol I prefer the green one too cuz it has the Venison in it (which is deer) and smoked salmon.

But before you sign off, I thought you may benefit or enjoy this info: Why You Should Feed Your Cat Raw Food and the history of cat commercials… enjoy~


By: Kathryn Mancarella, hover over pics to read captions. In the 7th pic read the caption for one last helpful tip.

millie 1

Our newest member to the family. She came home 6/18/17 Sunday, Father’s day. I haven’t settled on a name yet.


Resources: Only Natural Pet

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