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Hello, My name is Kathryn a.k.a. Kat.  My reason for this blog is to share my knowledge and life experiences with my readers. I have always been a very spiritual person. Even from memories of a young child in elementary school, I remember having thoughts of a higher power. I was raised as a catholic which gave me the foundation of my spirituality but I often questioned it’s teachings and through out my life’s journey, different situations sent me to seek truth. We all have our own truth. My truth may not be your truth. The bottom line is that in all Religions the message is “love”, “unity”, “forgiveness”, “generosity” “peace”, ect…  these are the golden rules whether you believe in Jesus, Yahweh, Allah,  Buddha, The Almighty ect… The root message is the same. So I do not follow any one particular “religion”, for this reason I call myself “spiritual”.

I have a true passion for nature and health. By falling in love with myself everything else fell into place. This is the message that I really what to express. These blogs will educate you on how food and our mind, work in harmony with our body for self healing, even when doctors tell you that you have limited time or no hope for recovery. I’m here to tell you that we do have the ability to heal despite grim words from your doctor. That’s how powerful our mind is!

Doctors are not taught in nutrition, they are taught in only medicine so they are not qualified to even give you information on food as medicine. And quite frankly, they would lose their doctorate degree had they ‘do know’ and shared nutrition with you the ones that self study nutrition and share with their patients, they do it on the ‘down low’ on the sly or they would lose their doctorate degree. They would not be allowed to call themself Dr. Joe Doe. THINK ABOUT THAT????? WHY? THAT IS PURE SUSPECT! RED FLAG! OBVIOUS! CRAZY! AND WE ACCEPT THAT! NO! NOT ME! I SPEAK OUT! I do not accept these cover ups!    ~like me

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  1. Hi. My name is Lenny. What site can i get the stevia stop smoking liquid drops from Germany and whats the cost? I’ve been searching for it on amszon but no luck. Thank you foe the article and info.


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