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Safest, Most Natural, Artificial Nails!

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Welcome!  You are about to learn why LCN, Light Concept Nails, is the safest and most natural artificial nail product on the market today and has been for over 30 years already! Personally, NOTHING can compare EVER! This product comes from a dental company and is patented, CAN NOT get any better than that! As a nail tech, I refuse to use anything else. Not only is it better for the client and more natural looking, its better for the nail tech and easier to work with, MUCH easier to file AND SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN! There are NO REFILL LINES left behind so your not forced to have to paint your nails. My clients have traveled from all corners of CT to see me and outlining states such as MASS, NY, NJ, Long Island and RI.



Background Of Light Concept Nails

For many years America has been satisfied with current artificial nail products, but a quick look at Europe would reveal a completely different story, and a market dominated by light-cured products with an environmentally safe and health conscious attitude.

Light Concept Nails, developed in Germany by Wilde Cosmetics in conjunction with the University of Hamburg, is the leading light system in Europe. Based on their experience in the dental industry, Wilde became the first manufacturer of light-cured acrylester resins (plastic resins) in 1985, and it is because of its enviable position of having its own factory and laboratory facilities, that Wilde can continually produce the best nail products available anywhere in the world.

Acrylesters, cured by harmless ultra violet A light (our bulbs emit no harmful B and C particles) are superior for the following reasons.

  1.  They do not use primers. Primers, which can be as high as 90% acid, penetrates the body by eating through the nail plate. The result of this, in the short-term, is an extremely soft nail, in the long-term, continual exposure to primers can permanently damage the nail matrix. The Bonder of our three component system contains no methacrylic acid, and bonds to the SURFACE of the nail, NOT through it!
  2. It may be of interest to know that in the dermatology department of Hamburg University, our materials are actually used to protect healthy nails from infections, since acrylesters are non-porous and neither fungus, mold, bacteria, or even moisture can penetrate it. (thus why its great for nurses and school teachers who are consistantly washing their hands) it won’t break down in water!
  3. Acrylesters are far more flexible materials and therefore tend to be less prone to lifting and breakage.  This is because the nail plate is essentially a very flexible surface, and so a product that can bend with the nail plate, either as it grows out or when it absorbs impact, will be far more durable than a product that is by nature brittle! ( ex: picture a wooden ruler compared to a plastic ruler, which is more durable?)
  4. With our fiberglass system, we do not use potentially harmful activator sprays, we have developed a light cured resin that can be absorbed into fiberglass.  All glues breakdown in water over time, causing lifting. we are not a glue based wrap system; therefore we are water-soluble.
  5. There are no obnoxious odors that overpower the room.  Light Concept Nail products emit NO toxic vapors which ensures your health.  I’ve noticed that now they have odorless products on the market but they are still toxic. LCN is odorless and non toxic!
  6. Light Concept Nails do not yellow, The product is 100% cured after each two-minute cure time. Therefore; you can resume normal active schedule immediately following application!

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Advantages of Light Concepts Nails

No Yellowing!

Light Concept Nails light cured products don’t yellow thus allowing you the option of wearing polish or not. LCN products offer a healthy and natural looking appearance.

No Odor!

No aggressive primers containing acid.  All Light Concept Nail products are non-toxic and non-damaging which provides for a healthy natural nail.

Less Maintenance, Non Lifting

With proper application of Light Concept Nail products there is NO lifting, reducing your refill time considerably. Lights Concept Nails are flexible and less prone to cracking. They also will not break down in water or chemicals, even acetone! (perfect for nurses and teachers)

Refills Every 3-4 Weeks

Due to the fact that Light Concept Nails light cured products are durable and non-lifting when applied properly, you can go 3-4 weeks between fills. (once a month)

Non Porous! 

Risk of developing a mold or fungus between the natural nail is eliminated due to the non porous nature of the product.

No Refill lines!

How to Remove Light Concept Nails 

Nails are removed by buffing; no soaking in aggressive chemicals during the removal process is required.

Light Unit – UVA Only!

Only UVA rays, no UVB or UVC rays which can cause skin irritation.  No 24 hour cure time~ other products may be chemically active for up to 24 hours, thus causing improper set-up and curing.  Light Concept Nails are fully cured once the application process is completed!

Pregnancy & Light Concept Nails

The teratogenicity of light-cured fingernail resins presents a risk during pregnancy, i.e. whether or not they could harm the fetus (i.e. whether they are teratogenic), can not be determined within 100% accuracy.  The reason for this is simply that the relevant animal test do not exist.

However, the following can be confirmed:

LCN light curing resins do not contain any substance which have been shown to have a teratogenic effect, or which have been suspected of having such and effect.  All individual ingredients used in LCN products have been used for more that a decade in dental materials which have been placed permanently in the mouth for many years including during pregnancy.  Based on extensive experience in this area, there is no known teratogenic effect.

It can be said with great certain, both for the customer and the Nail Specialist that there is no danger during pregnancy.  This is especially true since the products cannot enter the body thereby causing the teratogenic effect.

If due to nail-biting, a small amount of polymerized material is ingested, the extremely small level of leftover monomers removed in the digestive system should be mentioned that the teratogenic effects significantly dependent on dose.  The maximum doses for the products discussed here are most likely irrelevant as well.

Since LCN light curing resins also do not contain any solvents or voluble substances, inhalation does not present any danger either.


According to the above ~ mentioned information, it can be said with the highest degree of possibility that light curing fingernail resins do not pose any teratogenic risks.

My name is Kathryn Mancarella and I’ve been in the cosmetology field for 29 years and I’m considered a specialist in LCN with 20 years experience using strictly LCN products. Prior to LCN I used acrylic and when I discovered LCN I swore I’d never go back and I haven’t, there is no reason to. LCN gives a natural high shine finish with no refill lines. My clients don’t even WANT TO paint their nails when I’m done with them! Its the best looking product out there (when applied correctly, very important) and the healthiest!

Also, I do not use nail tips. Nail tips are one size fits all and glue breaks down in water! I will sculpt each and every nail for a perfect fit to each finger using a soft white gel for the free edge (nail tip) and a clear gel over the entire nail plate, then shape and seal with a high shine finish of clear, pink or opake for a real natural look. Options for a more whiter tip, such as a french look are available too! Message me for your appointment or for my number to discuss any questions you have.


Author: Kathryn Mancarella

Hello, I am an artist, health nut, nature nut, certified holistic nutritional counselor, mom and entrepreneur, to name a few! I have been self employed my entire adult life and owned a non toxic nail spa for 16 yrs, until my car accident. I would also sell my art and jewelry. I had to close my business when I died in the car accident. While I was in the hospital I signed up to study nutrition with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition online classes to heal myself. Copy and paste this link for a free sample class: . Doctors just kept putting me on meds and increasing the meds, I was afraid of becoming addicted to the meds they had me on, this is why I signed up to study nutrition, to heal my pain with food & herbs, not drugs. I died for 7 minutes, I was in a coma for three days & ICU for two weeks, had many broken bones and 3 emergency surgeries and I had to spend five months in a rehab facility and I still came home in a wheelchair. I had to live with my parents for 8 months. I had a colostomy bag from the accident and I had a reverse colostomy a year and a half after the accident. I did it with no narcotic pain meds, thanks to what I learned with IIN. I came home from the hospital after having my intestines sown back together and I did it with no narcotic pain meds, that amazes me, I had to repeat it. You can read my full story here email me at to schedule your free health history As always I leave my links You may have parasites, it far more common than you would think, watch this quick video and learn how simple it is to get rid of them!!! 10 SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE A PARASITE: = (IBO# 9630671) Check out all our products, we also sell organic weight-loss coffee and coffee infused with Reshi mushroom extract, our Emu oil is incredible, ect… Facebook page to look at pics of what the oil can do, Kill parasites with organic Iaso tea, your gonna love it and you will find yourself talking about,… no fee to become a member, when you order your tea, then next time get a check in the mail. = plz like me! Sample a nutrition class with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Become a Health Coach:

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