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EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse Nov 4, 2017 What you need to know…

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For all those concerned about NOV 4th, the electromagnetic pulse, EMT, there are things you can do to protect yourselves. You need to get yourself some shungite and orgonite .

Scientists have proven that electromagnetic radiation of radio frequency adversely affects human body, including brains and nervous system.

We live in a society where every other day, there seems to be new special on TV or breaking news online about yet another food or product that’s been classified as a carcinogen, another reason to fear our cellphones and worry about what’s really in our drinking water. It’s no wonder that we’ve grown health-obsessed! Yet many of us are virtually unaware that working with powerful minerals and stones is a fantastic, simple and affordable solution to warding off illnesses caused by free radicals and toxins. One such stone is Shungite, which has been used by Russians for centuries but has just recently come into the spotlight for being an extremely powerful tool for healing and purification.

Shungite is a relatively rare stone: it’s only been found in certain areas of Russia, and it contains powerful potential antioxidants called Fullerenes. Unlike other antioxidants (like Vitamin C), Fullerenes remains intact even while magnetizing and destroying up to several dozen free radicals, and this amazing mineral has been shown to quickly neutralize poisons within the body. When injected into the body, Fullerenes have also been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to inhibit the reproduction of the HIV virus, cancer cells and other pathogens.

The scary truth is, there’s no getting away from being exposed to these toxins, radiation and free radicals unless you decide to go the way of Henry David Thoreau and live out on Walden Pond for the rest of your days. But most of us want to live happy, successful lives among others; many of us are avid fans of the nightlife and entertainment you can get living in a big city, even though city dwellers are at a significantly higher risk than suburbanites and country folk for being affected by radiation and air pollution. That’s where a stone like Shungite comes into play: this stone not only heals your body from toxins, but it also acts as a shield from free radicals, particularly electromagnetic radiation.

One of the best uses for Shungite is purifying dirty water. Charging water with Shungite is even more powerful than using a substance like activated charcoal! Believe it or not, even water filters (like Brita brand filters) don’t always get the job done when it comes to purifying your water. The dirt, pollution and chemicals that slip through these filters would surprise you. (And remember, for goodness sake – stop drinking tap water!) Keeping several pieces of Shungite or a Shungite pyramid near your electronic devices is an excellent way to absorb electromagnetic radiation from your work space and environment. And as a rule, always put your cellphone on speaker phone whenever possible.

Ok so now we learned about that… now we must ask ourselves… why would our government send out a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP)?

Resource: Quantum Stones

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