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A Small Miracle!

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I experienced another miracle on Saturday ! I was visiting a friend and we had gone for a walk. She went inside to use the bathroom as I waited by the car, we were getting ready to head out to eat. I had my hair pinned up with a butterfly clip. I took the clip out to shake my hair out, so, I took my ring off too because it pulls my hair and placed in on top of my car right on the corner of the where the window meets the roof of a Chevy Malibu 2005, on the top roof.

So, I was shaking my hair out and airing my car out waiting for Noella G. to come back so I had forgotten about the ring on the roof,  and I had the trunk popped open to air out the car, it’s a hatchback. She came, I threw my hair up, jumped in the car and we left.

We drove about 15 miles through the mountains, lots of windy roads. We arrive at my FAVORITE place to eat. We had an amazingly delicious  meal. Leaving very satisfied and relaxed I realize then that I wasn’t wearing one of my favorite rings. My heart sank for a moment then I realized my attachment to the ring and I said to myself. …”it’s just a ring, you can make one, been wanting to just haven’t yet. Maybe this is why I lost it. .. so now it’s time to make that ring that’s been on your mind. … oh well”, I accepted that it was gone but had complete faith that it had to have fallen in the parking lot of Noella’s place for sure when I took that turn to get out of the parking lot, but if it wasn’t, I would be ok with that.

Her and I had a wonderful dinner and we had lots to talk about. I was just sharing with Noella at dinner on how I met my jewelry teacher, how I manifested that. I’ll tell you quickly before I tell you the ending of the ring.

I HAD (past tense) psoriasis, an autoimmune disease (I healed myself holistically). I had it for about three years. It was annoying, embarrassing and uncomfortable, I couldn’t figure out why I had this disease when I was eating 100% organic.  I knew that going to the Dermatologists wasn’t going to heal me either but I made an appointment as part of an experiment I was doing. I wanted to prove that the dermatologists was not going to give me any nutritional information to heal myself, they were going to give me a prescription for a topical cream and that would be it.  The dermatology office that I normally visit was booked, they offered me an appointment in their Canton office. I hesitated because of the distance to that location then said ok, I’ll take it. My first thought was aw man that’s far… but instantly said to myself, you’ll enjoy the drive.

So on the morning of my appointment I had a conversation with God. I said, “ya know God… I know better than to question WHY I must go out of my way today to go to this appointment.”  I said, “I am kind of excited, what do you have for me today? Am I going to meet my husband today?“  This was the excitement I had, I FELT IT! I FELT THE EXCITEMENT OF SOMETHING SPECTACULAR WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. I didn’t know what it was, I JUST KNEW, I JUST KNEW.  I said to God, “I feel like a kid at Christmas or in the candy store, what am I going to find today, who am I going to meet?”

So I head out and oh what a spectacular drive it was… Canton is in the mountains and I love the outdoors, trails and mountains… and I was right… the dermatologist had absolutely NO NUTRITIONAL information or advice for me to heal internally to SOLVE the problem, in fact she told me there WAS NOTHING I CAN DO, they just gave me a prescription for some topical crème that would only stop the itching if I was lucky (that I did NOT use).  I had my phone on voice record too. I repeatedly asked her, “so there is nothing I can do nutritionally that would help? This doesn’t make sense to me, there has to be SOMETHING I can do?” she kept saying “no, no there is nothing you can do, just use this crème,” she couldn’t wait to get me out of there, she kept making her way to the door as if the appointment was over as I’m asking her questions, she is trying to get away from me to get me a brochure and send me on my way.   So I left frustrated but not really, because I already knew that was going to happen and I got what I wanted. I got her on tape.

So now I head out to my car and I put in my home address in MapQuest and I say to myself, now I will drive extra slow so I can read the signs and see the shops, take my time, why did I have to come out this way for this, what am I going to discover today? I had the rest of the entire day to do whatever I wanted to do… “what did God have in store for me, why did I have to go to Canton for this appointment today, ok lets go!” So I jump in my car and I start to drive. Then I come to the Main Street of this quant little town, wait, this is not the same direction my MapQuest took to get me here, but ok, this is cool.

So, I come to the intersection and as I am taking the left turn I am reading the sign out loud in front of me on the building that looked like a business but looked like a house,  as I am turning and it says CT School Of Jewelry Art.  I took a deep breath and said “oooooo what is that, CT School Of Jewelry Art???? I never heard of that, what is that?” I whipped the car around, lol did a U turn and went inside.  I was instantly excited. I’ve been making jewelry for 20 years and I have always wanted to learn how to set a stone in silver (it’s called bezel a stone). I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry school this was, I already know how to make jewelry, would this benefit me?

So I walked into the gallery and it was pretty empty, only a few earrings Emilie earrings from gallery hanging and some art throughout but not much jewelry at all. I thought it was strange (found out later it was empty because she was on the road all summer selling her jewelry at shows across the country) and I could hear some voices behind the wall, on the other side of the door. There was laughing and talking, sounded like a gathering/party everyone was having a good time. The bells jingled as I opened the door but no one seemed to hear me enter. So I stood there patiently taking a closer look at the earrings hanging, I see they are made of metal so now I begin to wonder if this was done with metalsmithing in jewelry making or did she just buy the pieces and put them together… I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to work with metal and learn metalsmithing in jewelry making.

So I realize now that no one heard me come in, they are having too much fun… so I knock on the door. The door opens, there is a tiny woman standing before me and behind her I can see the studio

with ALL the tools, my mouth fell to the floor and it was like a cartoon scene …. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………  lol I was in a daze, nothing existed around me at that moment, there was no one in the room (there was but I was in aw) all I could see was things to play with to make jewelry, then the door behind her shut and I snapped out of it. She chuckled at me, (I think she noticed my expression) and says emilie with student final crop “Can I help you?”

I started talking a mile a minute asking her a million questions giving her no time to answer any of  them… if she made the earrings and if she worked with metal and if she needed any help, telling her I’ve always wanted to work with metal my entire life,  I rambled off a million things I could do for her if she would teach me, I offered to clean and work for free then there was a simple paper brochure and I told her I can make website, business cards, post cards, any print materials to market her business blah blah blah, it was then she puts her hand up like STOP right there, lol You got me she says. I need help with my website, can you be here tomorrow at 7pm. ? I said yes! She said ok good, Jewelry one class starts tomorrow.

I SKIPPED OUT OF THERE SO HAPPY! I COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Class starts tomorrow and she hasn’t seen any of my work yet. This is amazing! What was the chances that Jewelry one class was starting the very next day and she was letting me start class first before doing any work with her yet! But that’s not all, I get to class and I have no idea how long this class is. An hour goes by and everyone is still working, no one is starting to pack up so I keep going. Then time is going by, time’s going by, I’m looking at the clock not because I want to leave but because I have no idea when this class ends and I notice the energy, no one is cleaning like class is about to end… so now another hour goes by and they are still working, class started at 7, its now well after 9 and we are still working…. So I finally ask what time is this class over? It ended at 10. I couldn’t believe it, a three-hour class HOW FUN! I was expecting it to be an hour. I was so excited, so every week there was a three-hour class. We all made rings , setting a stone in silver and then we all made pendants, over the next 8 weeks! This is my first pendant and my first stone I bezeled and ring I made  CT MY PENDANT close up finished.jpg CT MY PENDANT four square collage my first ring

So I was just at dinner sharing that fabulous story with Noella when I realized that my ring was gone because I left it on top of the car waiting for her fixing my hair.  So I said to her, “well I know I will find it, it’s got to be there and if it’s not then oh well, someone will enjoy it and I’ll just make one, been wanting to make one, but watch this Noella I’m gonna find it.” As we are driving back to her house ANOTHER 15 MILES  TO GET BACK TO HER HOUSE, now that is 30 miles we just drove, there and back. As we are getting closer to her house I say out loud in the car, ok mom, can you please have my ring safe for me when I get back, thank you! Thank you, God, and thank you all my angels who watch over me, thank you.

Now mind you, when we walked back to the car after dinner, I pointed out to Noella where on the car it was when we drove off.  Now we head home. We pull into the lot, I don’t pull into the spot right away, instead I leave the lights on shinning in the area so we can see.  Have you ever put your eyeglasses on the dash then take off and they fly across the dash onto the floor? I thought for sure this is what happened with the ring on the roof of the car.  I get out of the car thinking it’s gotta be there and I walk over and I search the ground, finding nothing I walk back to the car telling Noella, let’s drive slow around the circle, it probably flew off going around the circle exiting the lot we’ll have a NO problem spotting it, it should shine in the light.  Just as I say it should shine in the light, I see my ring skinning in the light on the roof of my car right where I left it. RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT!  WE JUST DROVE 30 MILES THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS ON WINDY ROADS WITH SPEEDS OF UP TO 40-45 AT TIMES EVEN 50-55 COASTING DOWNHILL!

There is NO WAY THAT RING WAS THERE THE ENTIRE TIME! IT WASN’T BECAUSE I POINTED OUT TO NOELLA when we were leaving the restaurant before heading back to her house to find it. IT WAS A MIRACLE! WE HAD EXPERIENCED A MIRACLE.

I know that was kind of a long story but oh what a story…. I LOVE IT!  I have direct conversations with God and my angels and they SHOW ME!  THEY SHOW ME!! WOW! ❤

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Author: Kathryn Mancarella

Hello, I am an artist, health nut, nature nut, certified holistic nutritional counselor, mom and entrepreneur, to name a few! I have been self employed my entire adult life and owned a non toxic nail spa for 16 yrs, until my car accident. I would also sell my art and jewelry. I had to close my business when I died in the car accident. While I was in the hospital I signed up to study nutrition with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition online classes to heal myself. Copy and paste this link for a free sample class: . Doctors just kept putting me on meds and increasing the meds, I was afraid of becoming addicted to the meds they had me on, this is why I signed up to study nutrition, to heal my pain with food & herbs, not drugs. I died for 7 minutes, I was in a coma for three days & ICU for two weeks, had many broken bones and 3 emergency surgeries and I had to spend five months in a rehab facility and I still came home in a wheelchair. I had to live with my parents for 8 months. I had a colostomy bag from the accident and I had a reverse colostomy a year and a half after the accident. I did it with no narcotic pain meds, thanks to what I learned with IIN. I came home from the hospital after having my intestines sown back together and I did it with no narcotic pain meds, that amazes me, I had to repeat it. You can read my full story here email me at to schedule your free health history As always I leave my links You may have parasites, it far more common than you would think, watch this quick video and learn how simple it is to get rid of them!!! 10 SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE A PARASITE: = (IBO# 9630671) Check out all our products, we also sell organic weight-loss coffee and coffee infused with Reshi mushroom extract, our Emu oil is incredible, ect… Facebook page to look at pics of what the oil can do, Kill parasites with organic Iaso tea, your gonna love it and you will find yourself talking about,… no fee to become a member, when you order your tea, then next time get a check in the mail. = plz like me! Sample a nutrition class with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Become a Health Coach:

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