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Federal Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud

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Federal Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud…/2676

Key Case Ruling by the United States Supreme Court: U.S.v. Constantine 296 U.S. 287 (1935) the IRS ruled unconstitutional

1895 Income Tax ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court

Wage for labor is an exchange and no income generated.

Congress, by legislation, cannot altar the Constitution,’ from which it derives it’s Power to legislate.

Below are the Key case rulings:


1. Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.Co., 240 U. S, 1.11 (1916)
2. Maxwell v. Dow, 176 U.S. 581,20 S.Ct. 448 (1900)
3. Texas v. White, 7 Wall. 700; U.S. v. Cathcart, 25 F. Case No. 14,756
4. Stanton v. Baltic Minning Company 240 U.S. 103, 112 (1919)
5. Bowers v Kerbaugh-Empire 271 U.S. 170, 174,174 (1926); In re Charge to Grand Jury, 30 F.
Case No. 18,273 (65 C.J. Section 2) — not known to be overturned.
6. Peck v Lowe 247 U.S.165, 173 (1918)
7. Doyle v Mitchell Bros. 247 U. S. 179,183 (1918)
8. Eisner v Macomber 252 U. S. 179, 183 (1918)
9. Evans v Gore 253 U.S. 245(1920)
10. Flint v Stone Tracy Co. 220 U.S. 107, 144,151-152, 165,55 S L.ed. 107419 Sup CCL Rep
342, Ann Cas. 1912B 1312(1911)
11. Merchants Loan And Trust Co. v. Smietanka, 255 U.S. 509519 (1921)
12. Helvering v Edison Brothers’ Stone, 8th Cir. 133 F2d 575 (1943)
13. Southern Pacific v Lowe 247 U.S. 330, 335 (1918): Art 1, Sec. 8, Cl17 And Art.IV, Sec. 3
CL 2: Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 17: Art. IV Sec. 3 Cl. 15 USC 1681h: 28 U.S.C. 1333 or 1337: False
Claims Act, see 31 U.S.C. 3729(a)(7)
14. UNITED STATES v MERKSKY 361 U.S. 431, 438(1960)
15. CALIFORNIA BANKERS ASSN. v SCHULZ 419 U.S.21, 26 (1974)
16. FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORP v. Merrill, 332 U.S. 380,384 (1947)
17. Utah Power & Light Co v. United States, 391
18. United States v. Stewart, 108 re Floyd Acceptance, 7: Wall 666; Article 1 Sec.2: Art. 1 Sec.9
19. Knowlton v Moore, 178 U.S. 41, 47(1900); 19 CFR 351, 102
20. Butcher’s Union Co. v Cresent City Co. 111 U.S. 746, 756 (1884)
21. TRUAX v CORRIGAN 257 U.S. 312,348 (1921)
22. Sims v Abrens 167 Ark. 557271 S.W. 720, 773 (1925)
23. Myer v STATE OF NEBRASKA 262 U.S. 390, 399 (1923)
24. Slaughter-House Cases, 16 Wall 36
25. Butchers’ Union Co. v Crescent City Co. 4 Sup Ct. 652
26. Vick Wo v Hopkins 6 Sup Ct. 1064
27. Minnesota v Barer 10 Sup Ct 862
28. Allegeyer v Lousiana 17 Sup Ct. 427
29. Lochner v New York 25 Sup Ct. 539, 3 Ann Cas 1133
30. Twining v New Jersey 29 Sup Ct. 14
31. Chicago B&O R.R. v. McGuire 31 Sup Ct. 259
32. Truax v Raich 36 Sup Ct. 7, L.R.A.1916D, 545 Ann. Cas. 1917B 283.
33. Adams v Tanner 37 Sup Ct. 662 L.R.A.1917F, 1163, Ann. Cas. 1917D 973
34. New York Life Ins. Co v Dodge 38 Sup Ct. 337, Ann Cas. 1918E,593

35. Traux v Corrigan 42 Sup Ct. 124
36. Adkins v Children’s Hospital 43 Sup Ct. 394,67 L. Ed (April 9, 1923)
37. Wyeth v Cambridge Board Of Health 200 Mass 474,86 N. E. 925, 128 Am St. Rep. 43923
L. R. A. (N.S.) 147
875; 87 L Ed 1298 (1943);
39. Tyler et al Administrators v. United States, 281 US 497, 502 (1930
40. Pollock v Farmers’ Loan And Trust Co. 157 U.S. 429, 442, 555, 556, 573, 582, 595 (1895)
42. Main v Grand Trunk R. Co. 35 L. ed 994,3 Inters. Com.Rep. 807, 12 Sup Ct. Rep. , As
interpreted in Galveston, H&S A.R. Co. v. Texas, 52 S.L. ed. 1031, 1037,28 Sup Ct. Rep. 638
43. U. S. v WHITRIDGE 231 U. S. 231 U. s. 144, 147(1913)
44. Taft v BOWERS 278 U.S. 470,481 (1929)
45. COPPAGE v STATE OF KANSAS 236 U.S.l, 23-24(1915)
46. U. S. v. Constantine 296 U.S. 287(1935?) IRS Ruled Unconstitutional As Prohibition Had
Been Repealed. In 1965 The United States Supreme Court Traced The IRS Back To The Civil
War And Found No Legislative Act Of Congress Lawfully Establishing The IRS As A
Government Agency: Contractor: Sub-Contractor. Paul Andrews Mitchell (Federal Witness)
Web Site then Click On 31 Questions. Today The General Accounting Office In
Affidavit Refuse To Produce The Lawful OMB Number For The IRS. None Of Their
Publications Carry A OMB Number:Meaning they Are Not A U. S. Government Agency:
Department: Contractor: Sub-Congractor. Today In Affidavit Congress Refuses To Produce The
Organic Act Of Congress making The IRS A Government Agency:Department: Contractor:Sub-
Contractor: Contact:: david-lee: family of buess ; Office of Corrections For The
Great Turtle Island 419 694 5796 Or Write Us C/O 22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington Ohio [45814]
47. The IRS Cannot Tax From The Source (Fraud By Trickery) Only From The Source Of The
Kind In Question: Commissioner v Glenshaw Glass Co. 348 U.S. 426 (1945) Deals With
Corporate Profit Gained From Settlement In Anti-Trust Case Not Income.
Recent Case Rulings Against U. S. AND IRS
1 No Law Requires Payment Of An Income Tax: Federal District Court Western Division Of
Tennessee (Memphis) Case No. 03-CR-20111 U. S. v. Kluglin (6/22-23/2005)
2. U. S. v. Linda Wall U. S. District Court, Central District Of California, Western Div. (Los
Angeles) Case No. 2:04 cv 05325DDP-MAN and 2:03 cv 08406DDP-MAN Dismissed Without
Prejudice: IRS Found Guilty Of Stepping Outside Their Authority: Mail Fraud: Counterfeiting
Documents: No Enforcement Section within/Of the IRS Code etc.
3. U. S. v Lawrence USDC Peoria IL 06 cr 10019 (2005) IRS violated Paper Work Reductions
Act: 44 U.S.C.3500-3520: 3512 I.R.S. Failed To Inform Lawrence He Was NOT required To Fill Out The Forms.
4. U.S. v Lindsey Springer: 08-278,09 cr 043: Without Revenue Districts There Is No
Delegation Of Authority: Revenue Officers or Revenue Agents Are Not The Secretary Of The
Treasury Nor The Commissioner Of The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

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