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Would You Trust Your Doctor With Your Life? New Research; Medical Errors Are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

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The Washington Post states that according to a study done by Johns Hopkins University School of medicine, MEDICAL ERRORS and side effects from Pharma drugs is now the 3rd leading cause of death in the US ->> claiming 251,000 lives every year.

Who is responsible for this? So you mean to tell me that these people [doctors] can mess up at on the job and kill someone and there are no consequences? At any other job in America, if you mess up on the job and kill someone, you will be charged! So why aren’t these doctors being charged?

Whistle blower Dr.John Virapen began his career with “Big Pharma” in 1968 pushing Prozac to doctors. After 30 yrs of working for Eli Lilly and Company in their Sweden office, its his belief that this drug that is supposed to fight against clinical depression actually has deadly side effects of making people crazy.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS asked Virapen to explain how he helped get Prozac into the hands of millions.

“My boss told me, ‘Do what you have to do’ to get the drug approved,” he said.

Finding the man responsible for the approval, and researching his background for clues on how to best approach him, they met at an Indian restaurant to discuss Virapen’s proposal.

“He was laughing,” Virapen told this reporter, “and I asked him, ‘What are you laughing at?’”

“He told me, ‘This product is no good, it’s a load of rubbish,’ ” said Virapen.

Around a month later, Virapen’s target received a $25,000 check from Lilly, a bribe, plus a promise to do a 10-year study on the drug, “which meant millions for him,” Virapen explained.

“I had performed a criminal act,” he wrote in his book. “I was forced to use bribery to influence drug approval, even though I knew the drug would harm people.”

In another transaction, in 15 minutes, he got a $500,000 government contract to buy insulin in exchange for a $10,000 computer system.

This practice is part of the daily routine in the pharmaceutical industry, Virapen said.

“All the companies were the same,” said Virapen. “I did a lot of bribery. I’m an expert.”

“We’d send doctors and their wives away on vacation somewhere,” he continued. “Or we’d give them a new refrigerator. In America, I think they’d get swimming pools. Psychiatrists, they’d get a Picasso.”

Over the course of nearly three decades of working in the pharmaceutical business, Virapen said he only came across one person he couldn’t bribe.

“The pharmaceutical industry’s lobby is extremely powerful,” he wrote in his book. “It constantly lobbies politicians and the judiciary and even blackmails governments by threatening to withdraw investments or to close down sites, thus, creating unemployment in a country.”

AFP asked what he hoped to gain from exposing the corruption.

“I want to see chemical medicine taken out of the equation,” he said.

There have been years of withheld information regarding the adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals promoted by Eli Lilly, including the possible role of Prozac in inducing suicide and homicide. The signs of drug induced violence and suicidality were there since Prozac was first tested in pre-marketing trials.

Kids these days receive 3x MORE vaccines than 30 years ago — and more than any other country. And we have the sickest kids to show for it despite spending more on “health”care. NOT A COINCIDENCE! Its predicted that by the year 2020 1 out of every 3 children will have autism. THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT!
What do you think they are doing?
vaccine billboard

Blatantly ask the doctor if they have read the pamphlet. I bet their face will turn pale and will regret having to tell you, no they did not. You would be shocked to know that even doctors are not fully aware of these dangers. Doctors DO NOT have the TIME to read and learn  what is in vaccines. They trust what they are told by the companies that make them. Just as you trust what you are told by your doctor. Its time we start doing our own research! Its time we take our health into our own hands. You HAVE TO QUESTION EVERYTHING!  But don’t just question it, you have to read the pamphlet yourself! And I mean ask for the other pamphlet, not the one they hand out in the office, ask for the one that comes in the box!

Also did you know that there have been now 52 holistic doctors that have been murdered for coming out with the dangers of vaccines. Some have been by suspicious suicide and some were just straight up murder. This rabbit hole goes far deeper than you can possibly fathom.

I’m going to tell you something so deep right now that you are not even going to believe me. So after I tell you, I urge you to go and look up some information on it yourself. Please do! I beg you to! Here it is… when big agriculture came along it stripped the soil of magnesium and sulfur,  and adding in fluoride to our water and aluminum in vaccines (along with many other toxins).  Aluminum, its in our soil, it’s unavoidable, it’s in the ground, it’s everywhere, our bodies were designed to naturally detox from these toxins but without magnesium and sulfur, our bodies can not properly detox and dispose these toxins.

Beginning in 1935, federal conservation programs were created to rehabilitate the Dust Bowl.  Farmers were defensive when outsiders criticized their farming methods. Only when they were paid did they begin to put the new farming techniques into practice.

Did you know that fluoride was used by the Nazi’s. Fluoride tends to accumulate in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is also referred to as our [[[third eye]]] it is the pathway to our consciousness. They put fluoride in our water to [[[dumb us down]]]. You may have heard this expression before. By dumbing down society, it makes it easier for them to control us and to program us through the tel-lie-vision [[[programs]]] and fluoride accumulation in the body tends to accumulate in the brain causing Alzhemer’s and polluting our pineal gland (third eye, pathway to consciousness) and can cause all kinds of chronic illnesses,

  • weight gain or obesity
  • slow thyroid
  • digestive disorders
  • kidney trouble
  • poor circulation
  • confusion
  • loss of sense of direction
  • mood or mental disorders
  • lack of vision
  • lowered IQ
Aluminum is also very toxic to us and can cause all kinds of havoc especially in young developing children.  In this next paragraph it explains a bunch of science that you probably will not understand but this science is the reason that 52  holistic doctors have been murdered and its still happening (google holistic doctors murdered). They discovered the link in toxic metals in vaccines: This next paragraph is medical talk that non medical people wouldn’t understand but its the reason the aluminum was deliberately put in vaccines.  The people making these vaccines  know the long term health dangers. THEY WANT TO MAKE & KEEP US SICK!

A Little Science Review
Children are born with a cellular mediated immune system (TH1 cells – T-helper 1), a humoral immune system (TH2 cells – T-helper 2), and a regulator immune system (TH3 cells – T-helper 3) as major pieces of their overall immune systems. These three arms are immature when babies are born, and begin to mature as children are exposed to their environments through their nervous systems, skin, airways and intestines. Antibiotics, poor nutrition, stress, exposure to heavy metals and other environmental toxins, and the use of vaccines, may interfere with the proper maturing process of these three arms of children’s immune systems. In theory, if the TH system is allowed to mature, and is not interfered with, children will develop a mature, balanced TH1, TH2 and TH3 immune system by age three.

TH1 and TH2 develop to protect children from the outside world, producing inflammation and anti-inflammation responses to foreign particles from the natural environment. TH3 immune cells develop to keep the TH1/TH2 arms of the immune system in check so the body only produces the amount of inflammation and anti-inflammation that is needed to protect itself from exposures in the natural environment.

When TH2 cells are activated properly, either directly via the natural environment, or through a direct signal from the TH1 system, the B cell arm of the immune system is then stimulated, leading to the production of the desired protective antibodies.

It’s important for the reader to know that the hallmark of a healthy, mature immune system in children is demonstrated by an equal and balanced TH1, TH2 and TH3 immune response to the natural environment. TH1, TH2 & TH3 do not work independently, and require a very important synergistic relationship to function properly in our bodies. As soon as one or more of these three arms begins to over or under work in relation to the other, chronic illness begins to express itself.

Our bodies are built and designed to naturally detox aluminum and fluoride but it can’t without magnesium and sulfur. Sulfur is the third most important mineral in your body.
My doctor was asking me if I was going to give my daughter the Gardisil vaccine. Even tho I knew what I know, I wanted to see what information she had to offer me. I asked her what she thought of it. I told her I have read bad stories about it. She assured me it was safe. So I very politely told her “no thank you.” She tried to convince me.  When we left her office, I had a talk with my daughter and I educated her because she is 18 now and can make that decision on her own. I also educated her about the flu shot, they try to offer that to the kids in the school community health centers. I told my daughter that NO ONE was allowed to give her ANYTHING! If they tried to, she was to call me immediately!
I give RESPECT to those speaking out!

According to the late Dr Mayer Eisenstein, of Chicago’s Homefirst Medical Services:

“40 years ago when I started my practice, only 1 in 10,000 children had autism. Today it’s 1 in 100. What is the only difference we have seen? The inordinate number of vaccines that are being given to children today. My partners and I have over 35,000 patients who have never been vaccinated. You know how many cases of autism we have seen? ZERO, ZERO! I have made this statement for over 40 years: “NO VACCINES, NO AUTISM”.”

Certainly looks like when they avoided the trigger, they also avoided the cause.

vaccine for newborns

Nurses are speaking out about the problems with our current vaccination program. I share the following with Joann Thorpe’s permission:

“I am an RN. I have been an RN for nearly 30 years. In fact I am an RNC, an RN Certified in Neonatal Nursing. I too work in the NICU. Newborn Intensive Care Nursing and Newborn Nursing is all I have ever done my entire career. I can tell you that we are never, ever told or taught the dangers of vaccines. Ever. She is just spouting what we were told. She is not educated in the dangers of vaccines. We vaccinate micro preemies that are born four months early as soon as they reach two months of age. They are still two months premature. I have done this, I have watched what it does. I personally can no longer be a part of this atrocity. I have talked to our Neonatologists. I have brought in studies saying we should not be doing what we are doing. Nothing changes. I am retiring early so I personally no longer have to be a part of this.”

–Joann Thorpe, RNC

infant vaccination

As a young mom at 26 yrs. old in 1998 I can’t even sit here and tell you that I read the entire pamphlets. I trusted, I asked for them, I glanced over them, I did not read it in detail and I certainly didn’t read anything like Vero  (monkey kidney) cells and calf serum, I got that from a simple google search [list of ingredients in vaccines] and the info comes from the CDC, Centers for Disease Control. Lets face it, these are not the same ingredients and vaccines from 30/40 years ago! Today they are loaded with aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and so much more…

WHAT’S THE SOLUTION?  Lets stop criticizing people who are vaccinating their children and lets start EDUCATING THEM!  

Here is a list of some of the most deadly ingredients used in vaccines as well as the health risk they pose:

1. Acetone: This clear, volatile liquid is used as a paint solvent and nail polish remover. It is also well known as an industrial chemical used in plastics and manufacturing.

2. Aluminum phosphate and aluminum sulfate: Known also by its chemical make up, phosphoric acid and aluminum salt, aluminum phosphate consists of a corrosive acid and neurotoxin. Similarly, aluminum sulfate is known by its components, sulfuric acid, an extremely carcinogenic and corrosive acid, and aluminum salt, a neurotoxin.

3. Benzethonium chloride: This dangerous chemical is a known carcinogen. It is also known to cause genetic mutations in unborn children.

4. Ethanol: Also known as ethyl alcohol, ethanol is known to cause vomiting, headaches, drowsiness and uncounsciousness.

5. Formaldehyde: This is an extremely dangerous carcinogen, as well as a source of genetic mutation in the unborn.

6. Glutaraldehyde: This liquid chemical has a number of industrial uses, including use as a disinfectant, preservative, biocide, hardening agent, preservative, and embalming agent. It is known to cause asthma, allergies, breathing problems, and coughing.

7. Human serum albumin: A human protein, but it can only be broken down when digested. When it is injected it can cause autoimmune encephalitis (AE) disorders and allergies.

8. Animal components: Vaccines contain both monkey cells, which carry viruses that can cause cancer and diseases, as well as baby cow blood after the red blood cells have been removed. The latter, known as calf serum, can be extremely contaminated with viruses and bacteria.

9. Polysorbate 80: This chemical is an emulsifier and a surfactant known to cause infertility. Polysorbate 80 is also known to increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

10. Phenol-carbolic acid: This corrosive acid has been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an extremely hazardous substance. The CDC itself recommends avoiding all contact. The chemical is known to cause a host of symptoms, from nausea, vomiting and dizziness to the more serious symptoms of convulsions, coma and even death.

11. Thimerosal: Also known as ethylmercury, thimerosal is 49.6 percent mercury, the second most toxic element on earth next to plutonium.  And, yes, this too is a known neurotoxin.


And here is a list of 7 gross ingredients :

Disgusting Ingredient #1: Cells From Aborted Fetus

Aborted fetal cells, listed on vaccine package inserts as “Human Fetal Diploid Cells.” Two aborted fetal cell lines, WI-38 and MRC-5, have been grown under laboratory conditions since the 1960s.

The cells are used to grow viruses used which are then collected from the cell cultures and processed further to produce the vaccine itself.

Terms to Investigate: PERC6, MRC5, WI-38, HEK-293

Which Vaccines? Adenovirus vaccine, DTaP vaccine, Hep A vaccine, Hep B vaccine, MMR vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #2: Serum From Aborted Calf Fetus Blood

One of the more grotesque methods involved in vaccine manufacturing is the collection of fetal bovine serum. The purpose for serum is providing a nutrient broth for viruses to grow in cells.

How is the blood collected?

According to the Humane Research Australia website:

“After slaughter and bleeding of the cow at an abattoir, the mother’s uterus containing the calf fetus is removed during the evisceration process (removal of the mother’s internal organs) and transferred to the blood collection room. A needle is then inserted between the fetus’s ribs directly into its heart and the blood is vacuumed into a sterile collection bag. This process is aimed at minimizing the risk of contamination of the serum with micro-organisms from the fetus and its environment. Only fetuses over the age of three months are used otherwise the heart is considered too small to puncture.

Once collected, the blood is allowed to clot at room temperature and the serum separated through a process known as refrigerated centrifugation.” [1]

Terms to Investigate: Fetal Bovine Serum

Which Vaccines? Adenovirus vaccine, MMR vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #3: Cells From Armyworms

The FDA approved the Flublok vaccine on January 16, 2013.

This new technology is being touted as the wave of the future. It utilizes an insect cell line (expresSF+®) that is derived from cells of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda.

The vaccine package insert for Flublok also mentions:

“Each 0.5 mL dose of Flublok may also contain residual amounts of baculovirus and host cell proteins (≤ 28.5 mcg), baculovirus and cellular DNA (≤ 10 ng) …” [2]

Terms to Investigate: insect cell line (expresSF+)

Which Vaccines? Influenza vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #4: Cells From Monkey Kidneys

As mentioned above, monkey kidney tissue is used to support the growth of certain viruses used in vaccine production. There remains a huge controversy over using these cells and their role contaminating the polio vaccine in the 1950s.

The story is best told in the Congressional papers of a courageous scientist, Bernice Eddy. The Executive Reorganization and Government Research of the Committee on Government Operations United States Senate, Ninety-Second Congress, Second Session [1972] states on page 500:

“The next and only serious vaccine crisis that has occurred since the polio episode was the realization in mid-1961 that a monkey virus later shown to cause tumors in hamsters was contaminating both polio and adenovirus vaccines. The virus, known as SV40, was entering the vaccines and, just as in the polio case were surviving the formalin treatment.

There were several states by which the full extent of the SV40 problem became known. First was the discovery in 1959-1960 by a DBS scientist, once again Bernice Eddy, that an unknown agent in the monkey kidney cells used to produce polio and adenovirus vaccines would cause tumors when the cells were injected into hamsters.”

Page 502:

“In 1954 Eddy, as a polio control officer, found live virus in supposedly killed polio vaccine; in 1955 she was relieved of her duties as polio control officer … After her discoveries concerning the SV40 virus, her staff and animal space were reduced and she was demoted from head of a section to head of a unit.”

Page 505:

“ … even when the contaminating virus was found to be oncogenic [cancer causing] in hamsters, the DBS [Division of Biologics Standards] and its expert advisory committee decided to leave existing stocks on the market rather than risk eroding public confidence by a recall.”


“There has been a tendency on the part of certain higher government circles to play down any open discussion of problems associated with vaccines … ” [3]

Terms to Investigate: Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, SV40, Bernice Eddy

Which Vaccines? DTaP vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Polio vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Vaccinia vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #5: Cells From Dog Kidneys

On November 20, 2012, the FDA approved the seasonal influenza vaccine, Flucelvax, manufactured by Novartis. [4]

This vaccine is mass-produced using the continuous cell line Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) as vaccine cell substrate. [5]

Terms to Investigate: Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK)

Which Vaccines? Influenza vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #6: Mouse Brain

Viral vaccines prepared in tissue culture or mouse brain have been used in many Asian countries. According to the CDC website, the inactivated mouse brain-derived JE vaccine used in the United States since 1992 is no longer available. [6]

Of course, with any vaccine, the adverse reactions are rarely tracked and downplayed by medical authorities. However, the injuries from vaccines can be quite serious. [7, 8]

Terms to Investigate: inactivated mouse brain (IMB), suckling mouse brain (SMB), JE virus (Beijing-1), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

Which Vaccines? Japanese encephalitis vaccine, Rabies vaccine

Disgusting Ingredient #7: Chicken Embryos

Chickens and their embryos have long been used in the production of vaccines.

These methods were popularized in the 1920s and 1930s by Thomas Rivers and others at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. [9]

Terms to Investigate: Chick embryo

Which Vaccines? Influenza vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Yellow fever vaccine

Now that we know that just because someone holds a title of a doctor, this does not necessarily mean that we can trust this person with our life or that they are looking out for our best interest.  What can we do about it?

Ask questions, follow your gut/instincts, do your own research and take your health into your own hands with preventative care!

Warning,  DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate document as it can be used against you in court. Instead, tell the physician you have an alternative document that will serve the same purpose and give him/her your Vaccination Notice requesting that it be placed in the medical record.  The ‘same purpose served’ is the reduction of your ability to sue the physician should your child get the disease the vaccine is supposed to prevent.


  • Download the LAWFULLY YOURS pdf NOTICE: This is a lawful vaccination notice of non-consent   the Word Doc templates for Vaccination Notices are linked right below it. Select the one(s) you wish to use.
  • Items in grey need to be personalized
  • Select son or daughter as applicable
  • Corporate entities need to be in all caps
  • The health department of each state is listed in its corporate name on the Dun and Bradstreet website
  • Sign the notice in red ink and obtain the signatures of two witnesses or one notary

It is essential to read, understand and agree with the notice before you sign and deliver it. 

The notice requires little discussion. Just hand it to the doctor or nurse and request it be placed in your (or your child’s) record. Should you be asked where you obtained the notice, simply say from another parent, which is true. Giving more information is not required nor recommended. Citing websites or vaccine aware groups or authors just serves to motivate those in the vaccination-distribution-business to track down and discredit (or worse) the folks that are doing their best to bring good information to the public. The less said the better. Let the notice speak for you.

Keep a copy of the notice for yourself and ask the nurse or doctor to sign “received on (date)” and sign below it. Should the physician or their office be uncooperative let it go. Proceed by sending the notice certified mail – receipt requested – to their office.  In future encounters with the physician’s office just refer to the notice of non-consent that is in your file.


Well I gotta tell ya though. Doctors saved my life. I died in a car crash in 2012. I can’t throw them all in dog house. I feel that medical medicine is necessary for emergency care ONLY!  I believe and live my life with Preventative Care for long term treatmentThere are things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Ok so we have learned that soil has been depleted of two very important nutrients, magnesium and sulfur and that our water supply has been tainted with fluoride and our food supply is tainted with toxins and vaccines with toxic chemicals, what can we do about it? What is the first thing we should do?

Answer: DETOX !

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Author: Kathryn Mancarella

Hello, I am an artist, health nut, nature nut, certified holistic nutritional counselor, mom and entrepreneur, to name a few! I have been self employed my entire adult life and owned a non toxic nail spa for 16 yrs, until my car accident. I would also sell my art and jewelry. I had to close my business when I died in the car accident. While I was in the hospital I signed up to study nutrition with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition online classes to heal myself. Copy and paste this link for a free sample class: . Doctors just kept putting me on meds and increasing the meds, I was afraid of becoming addicted to the meds they had me on, this is why I signed up to study nutrition, to heal my pain with food & herbs, not drugs. I died for 7 minutes, I was in a coma for three days & ICU for two weeks, had many broken bones and 3 emergency surgeries and I had to spend five months in a rehab facility and I still came home in a wheelchair. I had to live with my parents for 8 months. I had a colostomy bag from the accident and I had a reverse colostomy a year and a half after the accident. I did it with no narcotic pain meds, thanks to what I learned with IIN. I came home from the hospital after having my intestines sown back together and I did it with no narcotic pain meds, that amazes me, I had to repeat it. You can read my full story here email me at to schedule your free health history As always I leave my links You may have parasites, it far more common than you would think, watch this quick video and learn how simple it is to get rid of them!!! 10 SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE A PARASITE: = (IBO# 9630671) Check out all our products, we also sell organic weight-loss coffee and coffee infused with Reshi mushroom extract, our Emu oil is incredible, ect… Facebook page to look at pics of what the oil can do, Kill parasites with organic Iaso tea, your gonna love it and you will find yourself talking about,… no fee to become a member, when you order your tea, then next time get a check in the mail. = plz like me! Sample a nutrition class with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Become a Health Coach:

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